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"Windows 7" In Sight


                     Though Microsoft claims strong sales of Windows Vista, not many technology journalists are believers. The biggest reason is all of the comments journalists are receiving in their posts online. Many people are feeling the pain of incompatibilities and annoyances of Windows Vista, so much so that they are either reverting back to Windows XP, or switching to the Mac. Those who do have Windows Vista seem to be either technology experts who have been "forced" to learn it, or computer newbies, who don’t seem to care and are simply putting up with it.

                     As far as the internet goes, users are constantly voicing their dislike for Vista. It’s to the point that tech journalists are racing to find out what’s happening with the next version of Windows, which currently has the dull title of "Windows 7". It is already being speculated that many features of Windows Live will be included, as well as other features, possibly available on a subscription basis.

                     There is always a great deal of controversy surrounding computer operating systems. One thing remains clear, though, for a product to be successful in the long run, it survives on user-experience (as constantly touted by Leo Laporte). If your customer gets P.O.’d with using your software, it doesn’t matter how secure or pretty it is, most users will go back to what they’re used to or switch to a different product. This is likely a big reason why the Mac is expected to have 12% market share within a couple of years (already exists with laptops).


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