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My Experience With Shaw Cable

                             For 11 years, my family back in Leduc (near Edmonton) hasn’t had a single problem with Shaw Cable (nothing big anyway). However, this past week has not put them in my good books. Though, the alternative in Telus, and I hate them with a passion.

                             One of Shaw’s techs came to the house last Wednesday to disconnect the cable TV our housemates in the basement had been using for the past year, until they moved out. Either they forgot to mention they had roommates upstairs, or it didn’t occur to Shaw. Probably both. Thus, 4 days after having the net installed upstairs, it went down along with the cable tv. At least one of the techs I called asked about the cable tv connection! Someone was using their brain.

                            I was told  a tech would fix the problem on Friday. I requested after 3pm. The tech came at 11am and missed us. I was not happy, to be polite about it. I called them up and made an all-day appointment for Saturday. They called at 10am on Saturday, and cancelled it, citing overbooking. So we made another all-day appt for Sunday. No call to cancel, and noone showed up. I was furious. I called, and was given another all-day appt for Monday. Essentially, missing out on a possible day’s pay if called with a temp job. They FINALLY showed up at 2pm on Monday, and within 5 minutes, fixed the problem.

                            It’s not even that I had to wait nearly a weak for a simple fix, it’s that "miscommunications" at Shaw ruined my weekend. They even admitted it, though I was told a credit was put on my account for the trouble. Fair enough, but that doesn’t give me my weekend back. I understand what an all-day appt is, but don’t tell me you’re going to send a tech and not do it!

                            So that’s my rant. Not the first company to give me a hard time. They’re lucky I’m not willing to switch to Telus. My good experiences with Shaw outweigh the bad, but this is an experience I do not care to repeat.


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