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Windows Vista RC1

I just installed Windows Vista RC1 on my secondary computer, Uniacke.  The only issue I had with it was the driver for the network card I had in the computer originally was not installed by Vista, so I swapped it to one that was, simply to avoid frustration. Microsoft has definitely rebuilt Windows from the ground up with Vista. As for software compatibility, it seems Vista isn’t backwards compatible with some programs, such as Avast! Antivirus or Kerio Firewall, both of which I use. This is simply unacceptable, especially with well-known programs, and Microsoft should know better. I shall try AVG and another Firewall, or just use the one included with Vista. I’m just playing around with Vista, so if I have to blow it away, I don’t care.
Seriously, though, Microsoft, make the OS backwards compatible with the programs people are using with Windows XP, or Vista won’t stand a chance!
Issues with Windows Vista:
1. Will not work in a virtual machine (Virtual PC 2004)
2. Is not compatible with some well-known programs
3. Does not play nice with software KVM "Synergy"
4. Install process for operating system shows little detail as to what is being done when. Not very intuitive or interactive.
5. Data on CD takes up 2.5GB, and that’s not even uncompressed.

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