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Quicktime & iTunes

      Apple released a new version of the Windows Quicktime player yesterday, version 7. This fact alone is just fine. My problem is in that in order to download Quicktime 7, you must dowload a software bundle that contains iTunes as well, even though you can download iTunes seperately. Apple’s excuse is that apparently iTunes requires Quicktime for some of it’s features, which makes sense. What about users who aren’t interested in downloading or installing iTunes, and only want Quicktime? Out of luck, that’s what!
      I don’t mind either iTunes or Quicktime, what I mind  is being forced  to download and install software, iTunes in this case, that I have no interest in. Although you can uninstall iTunes sepeately, leaving Quicktime installed, users should not have to do such things! On top of all that, you must restart to complete the uninstallation of iTunes!
      I despise software bundles of any kind. If I want specific software or a specific product, I should be allowed download and install just that and only that if I so choose. I mean, it’s my bloody computer after all!
      Just to prove I’m not just interested in talking about this, I used a feedback form on the Apple website to voice my frustrations, and I suggest you do the same!


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