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Spyware Horror Stories

      (Internet) "users are no strangers to the frightening world of spyware. Each week, we’ll share a new reader tale of spyware woe, so check back frequently for each terrifying episode."
A story submitted by a user:
      "I downloaded a "freeware" program recommended by two friends, then checked it with (an anti-virus program). With (a firewall) running, I presumed nothing could get through. However, my computer slowed down after I installed the program. I telephoned both friends and learned their machines had also crashed after slowing down for a few weeks.
       Then I went to to get the recommended antispyware programs, feeling sick when I discovered what was on my computer.

      The next time I scanned, only a few of the antispyware programs hadn’t been corrupted, and Norton and ZoneAlarm were once again useless. Fortunately, I hadn’t made any Internet purchases or visited any secure sites for some time. On the second day of working offline and after removing the dialer, I found my printer files had been corrupted. I then went through my entire computer; files were vanishing in front of my eyes. I turned the computer off and telephoned a repair shop.


       I had to have my computer flattened and the disk scrubbed. Being lazy, I hadn’t saved some very important files to disk, and I lost everything. 


      Although my friends say I’m overprotected, these utilities have detected and removed every nasty bit of spyware I’ve encountered. I need more than one antispyware program because I’ve found one will detect what another has missed. By purchasing a license, you also get customer support. I use a combination of free and for-pay programs now."


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