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I Have Graduated!

      As of today, October 3, 2005, I have graduated from the Academy of Learning, after studying there for one year and one month! Within a month’s time, once all the paperwork has been processed, I will be officially recodnized as a Network Specialist by the Academy of Learning!
      That said, in six months time, I will be obligated to begin paying back my student loans. With that in mind, I am by no means about to take a break. I have already started redesigned my professional website, aka what I’m using on the web to promote myself. I am in the process of rewording and redesigning my resume, which I will also post to my professional website in the coming days. I will begin applying for work before the end of the week. If all of that weren’t enough, I fully intend to get my A+ certification at some point in November.



On My Way to A+

      I just finished the test for Introduction to Hardware, so I only have one unit left and an afternoon course to take, and I am done, and able to move on with my life. I mean, it’s been fun and I have a real passion for this stuff, but I want, no, I need to get out into the industry and start becoming the kind of person with the kind of job I want to be.  If all goes as planned, I will be done school in two weeks or less. I will then have my diploma and in my own time work toward certifications, which I will do.

At Home

For the next month or so, I have been given permission to study at
home. The entire two courses I need to complete can be done entirely
online through the Academy of Learning‘s
online campus website. Although, a coursebook does come with it for
reference. The online campus keeps track of my hours, and the whole
thing is interactive. I simply prefer to work at home for the next
month, partly out of convenience, but mostly because I prefer it to the
study environment at school. Although, I will be keeping in regular
contact with them by phone, email, and in person. Technology rocks!

I Passed!

I finished my final exam for the last unit, Exchange 2000, and ended up with an average of 79%! I found it to be one of the tougher units, and our teacher really came up with the tough questions in the module quizzes. Regardless, I have passed all of the units which have quizzes and tests, so I’m guaranteed a diploma!!! The next step is to get certified.

Just When You Think It's Over…

     Today is the day for our Exchange Server 2000 final test. I feel pretty confident about it. It’s scheduled to begin at 12 noon, although I had to drive my brother to school, so I’m here 3 hours early (it’s 9:27, not 8:27). Not to worry, I don’t have a lack of things to do. I can still study for today’s test, my last quiz, not to mention certification exams.

     It’s a mixed feeling, as the rest of the class will be done this course as of Friday, and my contract keeps me here until mid July. So, it’s over, but it’s not. It will be a little tougher to get up in the mornings knowing class itself has ended, but I’ll still be motivated, as the course is really worth nothing without the certifications attached to it.  I’ll be studying for them here at school, as I’m too relaxed and not in the right mindset to study at home. Although I may stay home every so often, if for no other reason then to spend time with Melissa.

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