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Add Gadgets To Your Space

You can use Windows Live Gallery to add a "gadget" to your Windows Live Space.
– You can find these gadgets at
– You can add a gadget to you Space by clicking "add to your space". Put the gadget where you want it on your Space and click "save".
– There are many types of gadgets you can add, such as Games, Weather, News, Tools, Search Tools, Techy and geeky gadgets, among others.

Make Google News Your Home Page!

     Tired of the regular Google home page? It’s incredibly useful, and there’s no doubt about it, Google Rules! However, it wouldn’t kill it to add some more content! Now, there’s the ‘personalized’ home page, which lets you add content to your Google home page via RSS feeds. Myself, I prefer to customize Google News and use it as my home page, and it even has the regular search functions to boot! It’s great! Here’s how…


      Now, the only downside to this is the fact that like most customized content on the internet, the settings are stored in a ‘cookie’, which are located (in Windows XP) under "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Cookies\". Be sure not to delete any of the ‘Google’ cookies. You should be able to copy/paste them to another location, then put them back if you decide to delete your cookies, which is a good routine thing to do anyway. This is why I like a program called "IE Privacy Keeper", as you can customize all of this without having to go through and do it manually, and yes, it’s free.



The HTML button

Credit: d3vmax
Using the <HTML> Function
HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
      As you must have Noticed that the EDIT-IT tool no longer Exists and is replaced by the <HTML> Button. It is the Same as the Edit-it Tool and you can continue pasting the codes as you used to before. MSN has made changes to stuff that it sees as a Security Threat.
      This Tool lets you add and customize stuff on your Blog entry. It basically lets you Enable HTML so you can put Extra Stuff into your Blog entry in HTML Code.
Those who do not know what the Edit it Button is Skip the Step Below !
      The Tool set above is similar to what you would have had when you had the Edit-it Button,  except for the <HTML> button. This acts like the Tick box thing in Edit It it Button to Enable HTML editing.
1. Click on the <HTML> button in your Blog editing Tool set.
2. You Screen Turns white and a Funny "<Div> <Div> " code appears, Ignore it.
3. You will be pasting HTML codes under this. These codes you will learn from other <HTML> Tutorials.
4. That is all you need to know about the <HTML> Button
5. You will can carry on from here for Adding audio and Video to your Space.

Making Your Space Public

Credit: d3vmax
Making your Space ‘Public’ So others can View it.
This is something for the MSN Bloggers who are New to it…
       Many people request me to comment on their space or ask me a question hoping that I will reply on their space. This is not possible if their Space permission setting is put to PRIVATE. The permission setting has to be PUBLIC. Also wondering why not many people or no one comments on your space?
To make your Space PUBLIC :
[Do not do this if you do not want to show your photos or blog entries to others and want to protect your privacy]
1. Click on ‘Edit Your Space ‘
2. Click on Settings
3. From the Tabbed Menu at the top Click on ‘Permissons’
4. If your Space is set to Private means only you can see it. But gives you an allow list option. If it was set to 5. Messanger, all your MSN contacts can view it.
6. Make it to ‘Public’ by clicking on the radio button besides which it says Public.
7. Click on the Save Button below
8. You are done !
Note:  If ou do not like your Space to be public you can disable it anytime by following the same steps above but Click on the Private Button instead of Public.


Add More Custom Lists

This tool enables you to put as many custom lists as you want.
After you are done with it, read the following below:
1. Go to your main/front page of your space in the Editing mode and NOT in the Preview mode.

2. Click on the ‘Add more that 10 list’ item from your Favorites list and a small window will open requesting you for the name of your New List. The rest follows easily in the way you  create the Custom list normally.


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