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Urban Chaos: Riot Response

                         I started playing the PS2 game ‘Urban Chaos:Riot Response’ a couple of days ago. I am really enjoying it! What wins me over is that the gameplay is intuitive! I love playing games where what you do, and how you do it, affects the gameplay and plot. For example, if you accidentally shoot a civilian, or take too long to difuse a hostage situation, the characters act accordingly, determining who lives and dies. The better you do, the more medals, special weapons, or extras you receive. Another reason I love the game is that it’s not toned down, and characters’ attitudes toward a situation change depending on how you handle your challenges. They even curse at you! Another thing I like is that the missions are few, but reasonably short. So, if you screw something up, you only have to redo so much. There are also checkpoints within each mission, which are essentially auto-save points. The cut scenes are short and sweet, the ones within the missions are CGI based, the ones between the missions are real-life actors and the like. I love that, makes the game seem real! The game is fast-paced, intense, and action packed!

                          So that’s my review of the game so far. The next game I intend to rent is ‘The Punisher’.


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