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24 Premiere

               It is truly awe-inspiring what the tv thriller "24" can pack into four hours! The episodes have aired as of this entry, and I’m not going to go into great detail, sites like and have already done that. I will say that season 6 is off to one hell of a start. It really hit the ground running! In the storyline, terrorists have set off attacks across the USA in major cities, and they continue to. Everything from malls to buses to hotels have been blown away. With few clues left behind, and almost no leads, the government is struggling to keep the country from falling apart. 

              One hour sticks out the most for me, hour 4, as it ends with a big bang, and a cliffhanger.  Jack is forced to kill one of his most trusted friends, Curtis, when Curtis tries to kill the terrorist that has decided to help them prevent further attacks and deliver justice to those responsible, in exchange for immunity and a presidential pardon. The catch is, this terrorist killed members of Curtis’s group back in Vietnam, for which Curtis cannot allow to be forgotten or pardoned, and decides to take measures into his own hands to deliver justice. As a result, Jack is forced to kill him, which causes Jack to snap emotionally, swearing, in tears, that he is done with his service to his country, that he can’t take it anymore. There in lies the cliffhanger.

              Moments after Jack begins his emotional breakdown, the suitcase-based nuclear device that hour 3 and 4 were pretty much dedicated to finding, at the end of Hour 4, the terrorists activate it just as government agents swarm around their compound.

What an extraordinary 4-Hour premiere! This show never fails to impress me!

Hour 5 10am-11am is next Monday 8/7c.

Working Class Terms



What employers list in the application and what YOU should expect…

"COMPETITIVE SALARY": We remain competitive by paying less than our competitors…
"JOIN OUR FAST PACED TEAM": We have no time to train you…
"CASUAL WORK ATMOSPHERE": We don’t pay enough to expect that you dress up well, a couple of the real daring guys wear earrings…
"MUST BE DEADLINE ORIENTED": You’ll be six months behind schedule on your first day…
"SOME OVERTIME REQUIRED": Some time each night and some time each weekend…
"DUTIES WILL VARY": Anyone in the office can boss you around…
"MUST HAVE AN EYE FOR DETAIL": We have no quality control…
"CARREER MINDED": Female applicants must be childless…(…and remain that way…)
"APPLY IN PERSON": If you’re old , fat or ugly or even of certain ethnic group you might be told the posistion has been filled…
"NO PHONECALLS PLEASE": We’ve filled the job; our call for resumes is just a legal formality…
"SEEKING CANDIDATES WITH A WIDE VARIETY OF EXPERIENCE": You’ll need it to replace three people who just left…
"PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS A MUST": You’re walking into a company in perpetual chaos…
"REQUIRES TEAM LEADERSHIP SKILLS": You’ll have the responsibilities of a manager without the pay or respect…
"GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS": Management communicates, you listen, figure out what they want and do it… 

Far Better Then Silence

        For the past year or so, there’s been a new audio craze online labelled "Podcasting". The term was coined because audio broadcasts were being created by Internet users via websites and made available for download to Apple’s iPod listening devices. Since then, countless Podcasts have been created and have become incredibly popular. People don’t have to listen to them on an iPod. simply having a computer with speakers will do or a CD player.
        Although I enjoy listening to the radio, be it on the stereo or via an online streaming radio station using software such as Windows Media Player or WinAmp, I also enjoy being educated and informed about like-minded topics. Listed below are the "Podcasts" I am interested in. You can find ones that fit your interests at websites such as, or
To access the following, click here
This Week in Tech
Inside The Net
CNET’s Buzz Out Loud
Security Now!
The Chris Pirillo Show


Jack Misses The Alarm

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The Vacation

A vacation is something you take to "get away from it all!"
But First,
you plan, you scheme, you organize, think ahead and work ahead.
You cancel the newspapers, hold the mail,
move your appointments and clear your schedule.
And once you’ve cleaned the house, done all the laundry,
changed the sheets and emptied the fridge, you pack.
You think ahead and guess the weather.
You try to imagine where you’ll be going and
what you’ll be wearing. Then you take a few things you’ll
never use and forget a few things you’ll have to buy.
You start your vacation high on expectations
and low on sleep and you spend it
exploring new places, meeting new people,
rekindling old friendships and making new memories.
You find yourself quietly refreshed by the simplicity
of having time – to laugh, to remember, to visit,
to relax and enjoy the ones you love.
And when your vacation is over, the best thing about
getting away from it all is that it somehow reminds you
"there’s no place like home!"
(c) Kimberly Rinehart



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