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Firefox 3 Download Day!

Mozilla (makers of Firefox) need our help in setting a World Record for the most downloads of a file during a single day, They are releasing their newest browser, Firefox 3, on June 17 (Tuesday)! Firefox 3 is the most secure version of the browser yet, and many problems have been fixed!


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Becoming A Network Administrator

     I was able to speak to a Network Administrator today from a local schoolboard. I used the format of a college career investigation, but it was really for personal knowledge and curiousity. He spoke quite highly of his job/career and how much he enjoys it. He admitted to being a geek at heart. We spoke for about 45 minutes on a variety of topics, everything from wages to the volume of work to the typical hours worked. He talked about what he does on a daily basis. He asked some good questions as well, and seemed pleased by my answers. He mentioned of how he doesn’t have any certifications besides that of which he achieved in college, and the fact that he employers hired him solely based on the fact that he went to the specific college, that being NAIT. He took the Network Administrator course. This came as a surprise to me, but an impressive one!
      The main thing that came out of the phone call for me was what was discussed and discovered and how happy it made me. I have found the career choice for me, almost certainly. I will be calling up Shaw Cable and talking to one of their internal Network Admins to discuss what all that career choice involves, at which point I will make final decisions on what I’ll be doing to achieve my goals.


Now You See It, Now You Don't

I saw a commercial on TV the other night. It was funny, but oh so true. It features the 3M Privacy Filter. You can view the commercial here.




TWiT and Security Now!

TWiT Episode 18
Download it:
  • Dvorak and Gibson nearly come to blows over HTML mail  
  • Intel announces true dual core chips next week
  • AOL gives away a spammer’s loot 
  • OS X on the PC – it’s been hacked but Leo won’t take the disc
  • We speculate on Jobs’s motives – maybe it’s all a ploy
  • Don’t be a Novak – Dvorak’s suggestions for handling tough questions
  • Real time black holes snag the job destruction newsletter
  • Former Red Hat CEO Bob Young talks about his new print on demand service – authors get 80% royalties
  • Apple tries to patent the ipod interface, but Microsft gets there first
  • Mike Lazazzera hacks the iTunes podcast rankings – watch his podcast (with Amber MacArthur) at 
  • What really happened to Diggnation
  • Listen for "Security Now!" a new podcast coming Thursday with Steve and Leo
  • And Dvorak and Leo coming soon, too.
  • Watch for details about our live show at the Apple Store SF

    Security Now! Episode 1 with Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson

    Download it:

    The first episode of a new podcast with security whiz Steve Gibson. In this episode, how the Zotob worm hit CNN, the New York Time, and Disney, and why it’s not a problem for most home users. Why hackers are looking at places other than Windows XP for their new attacks.


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