Moving to Edmonton

I’m moving back to Edmonton (well, Leduc).

It is easily the hardest decision I’ve had to make it my life so far. I have tried for a year and a half to be a successful technology entrepreneur in Lethbridge, but there just isn’t enough work. This is due to many factors, which I won’t go into here. My health has also played a major role, though I believe I am finally gaining control there.

I am tired of living month to month barely scraping by in some cases, and certainly having very little extra money.

My family is still in Leduc (20km south of Edmonton), and I have talked to a colleague in Edmonton who says there is plenty of opportunity there. I don’t intend to be in the Edmonton area forever. In fact, I prefer Calgary, but I need to save up some money, and I’ll save quite a bit on rent and expenses by living with the family for a few months (likely until September).

Professionally, it’s the right decision for me to make. Personally, it truly breaks my heart, and the thought of leaving Lethbridge brings me to tears, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I have a life here, I love this city, and have many wonderful friends that I don’t want to leave behind. Sadly, I don’t have a choice. I’ll still keep in touch via Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and by any other means as often as I can.

I’ll make new friends, too, and visit Calgary as often as I can to visit friends there, which I will hopefully be able to do more often as I’ll be making more money.

In time, I want to move to San Francisco and be a technology journalist there, but I need to save up first.


1 Response to “Moving to Edmonton”

  1. 1 Jerry Aulenbach January 19, 2011 at 10:40 pm

    Get involved, and you won’t regret moving up here. Lots of awesome people, and a really great twitter community.



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