Quite a Busy Friday Night

I wish I could say I spent my Friday night out on the town with friends. Instead, I was working late, and as soon as I finished work, I went straight to bed. Strangely, I couldn’t sleep, so I left my police scanner on.

I haven’t heard so much activity on it in months! Lots of speeders and a couple of drunk drivers. However, around midnight (I think, wasn’t really paying attention to the time), a car hit a deer on Hwy 23. The deer died, and it sounded like the car was a write-off, though I think the driver was ok (didn’t hear any different).

Right around the same time, there was a collision near Coalhurst. A semi hit a car. The car was driveable, though damaged. Sounded like there were injuries and a couple of people taken to hospital. Not sure beyond that. I only know as much as was said on the air.

Later, I noticed on Twitter that tweeps going to the Calgary Stampede were having quite a bit of fun! They even linked to photos of fireworks! In Lethbridge, people were having fun downtown with friends after enjoying the annual Street Wheelers event. Over 700 classic cars involved! Impressive!


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