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Ammena Dance event at Osho’s Lounge


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Due to a stressful past week, I was looking to get out and have some fun. Being that it’s a Saturday night, most people I know are watching the hockey game, and since I haven’t had time to call people ahead of time, everyone already had plans.

I then got a reminder from Facebook about the Ammena belly dancing event. I’ve been very excited all week about going!

One of the things I love about Lethbridge is that everything is a 10-15 minute drive away, so the commute to something is never a hesitation.

Ammena Dance Company’s belly dancing tonight was in efforts to raise money for charity, in this case, the Cancer Society. It was held at Osho’s Lounge. I’m not sure how many people showed up, but most of the seats were always full from the time I got there until it ended, from 7-9pm. The event itself started at 6pm.

The dancing was amazing! Such skill and talent! 4 beautiful girls were dancing tonight, including my friend Tanya Plonka! Not gonna lie, I wanted to see her dance most of all, especially since I’ve managed to miss 3 or 4 of her last dancing performances due to either work or being sick, which I feel insanely guilty about. She did a fantastic job!

As the Ammena Dance website itself says, the girls are dancing for their overall health, confidence, to keep fit, and for fun! It really is great entertainment! The audience enjoys it so much because each of the dancers really enjoys it! What I really enjoyed the most was that the dancers danced around the tables of the audience the entire time, so everyone could see the movements up close and truly appreciate the skill that goes into belly dancing.

Right at the end of the belly dancing, all four girls did a different dance to the same music. It was very impressive! I wasn’t sure which girl to watch. Decisions, decisions! 🙂

The food at Osho’s was terrific! I even learned (sort of) to eat food with chopsticks, even with no prior experience. I think I did alright. The waitress seemed impressed.

I’m very excited about going to the next Ammena Dance event! Thank you, girls, for a great evening!!


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