The Nerds’ Trip To Vulcan Alberta

The Lethbridge and Calgary Nerds On Site teams decided to go to Vulcan, Alberta on Friday, April 23, for the “homecoming” of Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy.

We parked our VW Beetles along Centre Street and took about an hour to enjoy the large crowd the festivities, including a BBQ.

(click thumbnails for a larger view.)

The Calgary and Lethbridge NerdMobiles along Centre Street, to the left of the Vulcan Tourism and Trek Station.

The BBQ, though the lineup had less people by this point.

After lunch, the Nerds decided to explore downtown Vulcan, check out the stores, Trek memorabilia, and to have conversations with the fans and residents walking the streets.


We then made our way back to the Vulcan Tourism and Trek Station, where a massive crowd had gathered. In the span of an hour, it had also rained, snowed, and blue skies even peaked through.

Around 2:30pm, Leonard Nimoy arrived. I would have taken photos or video his arrival, but it was still raining and I didn’t want to get the technology wet. Mr. Nimoy was quickly rushed into the Trek Station. Everyone quickly rushed up to the stage where Mr. Nimoy would be speaking. The crowd grew quickly, but thankfully it was sunny skies in that part of town. 4 blocks away. Gotta love Alberta weather.

The town of Vulcan put on a small parade. First was the CCH band.

Next, was a mock-up starship of sorts with a guy pretending to be Capt. Kirk and shooting a phaser at a Klingon in a truck in front of him.

Leonard Nimoy was next in the parade. He was smiling and seemed to be really enjoying the entire experience! Of course, he gave his famous Vulcan salute to the crowd!

Another view of Leonard in the truck.

A couple of people on stage greeted and thanked the crowd, but quickly introduced Mr. Nimoy, who seemed thrilled and very humbled at the outpouring of love.

Mr. Nimoy unveils the bronze bust of his spock character along with the Mayor of Vulcan, Tom Grant.

click the video twice to go to the YouTube page for a higher-quality version.

After the ceremony, Mr. Nimoy must have been in a rush to prepare and rest up for the Calgary Expo the next day, because he quickly left town in his Escalade. The crowd quickly dispersed and some explored Vulcan stores.

For more photos, click the thumbnails for a larger size or go the Facebook photo album.




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