A Day of Rest and Frustration, and Intensity

I’ve been pretty stressed out this week. I’ve made some mistakes personally and at work that have had consequences. I won’t go into full detail here. I have my LiveJournal for stuff like that, stuff I don’t want the world to read, only close friends. So if you want to read it, tweet or email me.

That said, it’s all been a learning experience, but it also kept me up with insomnia last night, especially after having a very frank, honest with a colleague on how I can avoid making the mistakes that I have. It was even admitted to me that some of my colleagues have made similiar mistakes when they first joined the company. That made me feel better. I’m not one to dwell, but I do believe in accepting responsibility and the consequences and being accountable, to make sure I don’t forget the mistake and so I can learn from them.

I woke up this morning, and decided that I needed a personal day, despite having plans. I called and canceled my plans, and made it a lazy day. My mind was finally willing to stop thinking, so it was a much needed ‘nothing’ day.

This evening, I decided to call a client that I had originally intended on calling earlier today. She wants parental controls installed on her computer, something I can certainly do. However, she asked that I call back at a specific time since she was busy. I agreed, and did so. I tried twice, but only got voice mail. I understand things come up and people are busy, but it’s not the first time a client hasn’t answered the phone when they said they would. Very frustrating. I can only hope I’ll reach her when I try again tomorrow.


Lastly, the hockey game tonight on CTV was incredible, and VERY intense. Canada played Sweden, two very skilled teams. I watched the game along with what felt like the majority of Twitter! The game ended with a [SPOILER ALERT] 3-2 win in a Shootout! I’m pretty sure all of Canada stood up and cheered!! At least according to the tweets I was saw! Team Canada’s next game is against the U.S. on Saturday. Now, that’s gonna be super-intense! Can’t wait!!


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