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24 Season 8 Premiere – The First Two Hours

I have watched every episode of “24” since it came out in 2001. I was a huge fan of it for the first five years. I found season 6 to be horrible, though, and the masses online seemed to agree with me. At that point it was obvious to me that it was now just a cash cow for Fox, who produces it. Season 7 was better, but the majority of the scenes were the characters talking and, in essence, it was a soap opera with a few intense scenes thrown in, possibly to keep the audience awake.

I was hoping there wouldn’t be a season 8. Quit while you’re ahead, ya know? But of course, they’re milking this cult hit show for all it’s worth.

I honestly think the plot introduced in the first two episodes is weak, but plausible. Unlike other years, the season didn’t start off with a major attack. They preferred to introduce all of the characters and ease viewers into the season. I really don’t like that approach. For years, we’ve gotten to know the characters in the heat of the action. To be frank, the show’s focus was on the crisis at hand, and we got to know the characters along the way.

I do think this season has potential. But I also think it’ll be the show’s last. Even in the premiere, Jack mumbles about CTU, “I hate this place”, as he deals with an incompetent director who seems more focused on boosting his own ego and having someone to pin things on than being thorough. Jack said it very nicely, “You disgarded a lead before you assessed whether it was bad or good."

In the scene between Jack and his daughter, Jack makes it very clear that the crisis at hand is not his problem. "What do you think?" asks Kim.  "I think it’s not my problem," answers Jack.

Although Kim desperately wants Jack to come back with them to Los Angeles, she knows the kind of person he is, and that he’ll beat himself up for years, if looking back, he knows he could have done something. Jack does end up staying, but not because he wants to, he stays because he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he didn’t.

"I know you want to come home with us, but I can see you looking back and wishing you had done something to stop this. Stay. Do what you can here, then come home," says Kim.

I really don’t like the new casting of CTU. The director’s a self-concerned ass with very little compassion. The “drone operator”, Arlo, seems like a good guy, but has ethics issues, like using a drone to spy on a woman sunbathing. The new girl on the show, Dana Walsh, is uptight and full of herself. They also seem to treat Chloe and Jack with little respect, considering they helped make CTU what it is. Never mind the fact that the new CTU looks like a ritzy furniture store, as I saw it described on Twitter. Completely unrealistic, despite the “future feel” of the show.

I really like the new bad guy, though. I’ve seen him in a few shows, most notably the newest “Punisher: War Zone”. Even in “24”, he plays a very convincing cold-hearted killer, which is what this show needs.

I will continue to watch “24” until it ends, but the action had better pick up. The dialogue needs to get snappier, and the soap opera crap better get toned down. Also, I can’t wait for Jack to put the new CTU director in his place, that would make me very happy.


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