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Taking Care of Myself

The past couple of weeks have really solidified decision to move out of this house. I won’t go on a rant about the reasons, all my those that know me have heard them.

The point of this post is to explain the epiphany I have once in a while in my life that the things that we allow to happen to us, and the choice that we make not only have an effect on circumstance and others, but on ourselves. Our minds control our body, and we so often forget that. I know I do.

We all need to work, and have people in our lives, whether they be friends, family, or roommates. It’s important to realize that stressful situations have an impact on our bodies, and if we let them continue without making changes in our lives, and thus they take a toll on our health.

And that’s something I don’t think people take seriously enough, including myself sometimes. I know that some stress and bad days are unavoidable. But I think there are warning signs, and that we all need to recognize them and do something about them, and not just wait for things to change on their own.

I made that mistake by living in this house for so long, with roommates that are troublemakers, don’t clean up after themselves, and seem to enjoy confrontations over the stupidest things. I chose this place because of location, but this time around, I’m moving to safe my health.

I would hope that everyone takes the time to realize that the stress and negative situations and people in your life can have an impact on your health, and to change things, even if it does mean leaving your comfort zone.


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