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Australia – A Beautiful Country That Fascinates Me

One of my experiences with being with Nerds On Site so far has been the pleasure of calling some clients in Australia. I’ve honestly been fascinated by the country since I was a teenager, mostly through movies set there. I also have distant relatives there. I’ve also done research online of the different cities and places, and listened to Aussie radio over the internet. It’s a country I most certainly want to visit during my life, and maybe even live there for a few years.

The people I’ve talked to in Australia while doing tech support have been very kind and down-to-earth, and have a great sense of humour.

During one call tonight, a client mentioned to me that he could hear my Canadian accent. I told him I didn’t think I have an accent, but also said he probably doesn’t think he does either, and he agreed.

I’ve also noticed there are a lot of technology savvy Aussies. I’ve encountered quite a few on Twitter. Nerds On Site even has teams in Sydney and Melbourne. This doesn’t surprise me at all, but I find it very cool. That said, I find modern technology anywhere very cool. I’m a geek like that!

I’m a nighthawk by nature, and I’ll always look forward to when I can call other countries (especially Australia) and help people with their technology on behalf of Nerds On Site. It’s such a thrill for me!

One day, I will visit Australia, you have my word on that. Maybe even live there.


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