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My Day at the Lethbridge Air Show

[To see more pictures, go to my album!]

I’m so glad I volunteered at the Lethbridge Air Show yesterday! I went with a Nerds On Site colleague for the full afternoon, and loved every second of it! We found the Volunteer Tent, and since there weren’t enough golf carts assigned to us, we had to walk the grounds.

Our job was to pick up garbage and empty trash cans. In the process of doing so, we got to take in the awesome events, people (the girls!), and aircraft surrounding us! One irritation was the amount of golf carts we saw sitting around, not even in use, but assigned. A waste of resources. Otherwise, seeing old and modern aircrafts was a real treat!

The best part of it all was the Snowbirds. It’s been many years since I last saw them, and they didn’t disappoint! Such skill, passion, and I’m sure, insane amounts of practice and planning is needed to do the incredible stunts! There were times when the announcer said each plane was only 10 feet apart, and once where they were only 1 meter apart. Holy crap! My jaw dropped again when I saw them *landing* in a a synchronized way! They don’t kid around!!

The people were fantastic! No troublemakers to be seen, but *tons* of eye candy. So many hot girls walking around! The weather was hot, too, 31c degrees!

I’m spending today (Sunday) recovering and resting my tired body in preparation for a busy week ahead!


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