The Friday I Didn’t Expect to be Here

Once in a while, I have insomnia. I’m not writing this entry to get sympathy, but to point out that it has caused me to be stuck in Leduc for an extra day. I would blame it on the fact that I’m a nighthawk, or that for the past several nights, staying up until 2am or 3am has been normal. I don’t blame that on my insomnia, though. You see, I was mentally and physically exhausted, but could not fall asleep until 6am. I don’t know why, really.

So, I am in Leduc another day because I just slept until 3pm. I’ll head back to Lethbridge tomorrow (Saturday) instead, hopefully well rested. This means I will only have Sunday to get everything in order before heading to college on Monday. I have no complaints, though. I get to see my family for an extra day.

Thankfully, I don’t get insomnia that bad very often. The last time was about a month ago, though I get minor insomnia on a regular basis. I would take a sleeping pill, but the last time I took one, it put me out for nearly 24 hours. No thank you.

What are some of your experience with insomnia? What do you do to manage it? Leave a note in the comments.


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