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My Weekend So Far

Right now, I’m sitting in front of my dual-monitors watching a litter of Shiba Inu puppies playing via Currently, nearly 14,000 people are watching it. I’m now relaxing after spending the better part of the day out and about getting a new pair of shoes. I didn’t actually buy them, my friend Meeno did as thanks for all that I’ve helped her since last year. I didn’t even suggest it, but she suddenly showed me a pair of size 12’s that she bought, they didn’t fit, so I exchanged them. Of course, it took over two hours. Not because I’m picky, but because my feet are, and always have been. Before that, I was at the college helping Meeno with her editing project for Media Tech Visual. 10 minutes of shooting turned into a 40 second piece. Ashley and Joey were there, too, doing the exact same thing.

That reminds me, I don’t know the guys in Meeno’s interview, but they appeared to have little to no interest about what they were doing. The interviewer was asking the questions while rolling his eyes, and the interviewee kept making faces. If you’re (generally speaking) on camera and don’t care, fine, but could you at least fake it as to not waste your time and get a decent mark?

Also, since when is it a bad thing to ask for help?? I’ve ran into a few classmates who complain that some instructors or classmates aren’t taking the time to help them, or being rude when asked for help, knowing full well they’ll return the favor some day (in the case of fellow students). Instead, some people seem in such a rush to do something else, and who suffers…we all do! Later on, people wonder why everyone isn’t on the "same page". Think about it. As for students, and this certainly doesn’t apply to everyone, but honestly, we’re in school to learn and to help each other. If you’re not interested, or have somewhere else you’d rather be, then why the hell are you in college?

Tonight, I may watch a movie or TV. Haven’t decided yet. I’d like to go to Amanda’s party, but frankly, I’m finally home and I don’t want to leave again tonight. Oh, I bought the book "Twilight", first novel I’ve purchased in years. There’s been non-stop talk and hype about the movie and book, so I had to check it out. Can’t afford both, so I chose the book. I also bought a novel for my Mom for Xmas.

Tomorrow, I shall sleep in, then get my editorial done and finish off a couple of the editing assignments. Should be a decent day.


Puppy Webcam


As the Mahalo page says, "The Shiba Inu Puppy Cam is a streaming video of six live baby Shiba Inus. The adorable puppies mostly sleep, although they also, reports Time Magazine‘s correspondent Kate Pickert, "twitch, scratch, yawn, spoon, wrestle and yip."1

Fast and Furious 4 trailer

Clips from "Titus"

If All Movies Had Cell Phones

The Week That Never Ends

My long weekend went reasonably well. I watched a couple of movies with my roommate, fixed my landlord’s computer, and got to catch up on sleep. It’s ironic that I had insomnia on Tuesday night, which prevented me from attending the one class we have on hump day. As a result, I’m scrambling today and tomorrow to finish up 2 news stories. One, on how Canada is ranked 10th in the world on a few health issues, the second I’m waiting for clarification from my editor – but it’s technology focused, of course. There’s also a column about some issues students have been having with computers on campus this semester. Also, a news feature due on Monday. We’ve also got a barebones Dreamweaver website, due Thurs morning, and a Table of Contents page due for Monday.

I’m not sure what’s in store for Friday, or the weekend for that matter, though I’m hoping to get out and have some fun for once. Though I’ll be stuck taking pics for the Table of Contents for part of the weekend.

I’m not at all complaining about any of it, really, I asked for this career. Sure, I’ll bitch and whine and maybe vent once in a while, but so does everyone else. Such is life. I do look forward to when I won’t have to worry about magazine design or page layout. I just want to be a technology journalist, but who knows, maybe it’ll come in handy at some point. I’d rather focus on my craft and let the designers worry about the look and feel of it.

Finally, two weeks later, the Halloween pics are making their way to Facebook. Some really cool constumes for sure! Though I wish our program at the college had encouraged more Halloween spirit, since all the college did was host a 5 hour party (to my knowledge). I know there were some student parties. Either way, I just came home and crashed that night after a long week, but if I could have gone out, I would have. Just didn’t really have anywhere to go, and no costume. Sigh.

Oh, I booked my Christmas Vacation trip back home on Greyhound. I’ll be visiting the family for just under 3 weeks, unless something compels me to come home earlier. Not that I’ll have much to do here or there during the time off, which will be a very odd feeling considering how busy I’ve been this semester.

So it’s been a couple of months since my last blog entry, so I’ll just consider that a hiatus. I’m not at all abandoning it. In fact, I’ve been hard at work on my stories and columns site I’ve also posted a few entries to my Tech Help blog: I’ve also been active on Facebook and Twitter (

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