Google Will Launch It's Own Web Browser – Chrome

                                  Google is expected to launch it’s new web browser tomorrow (Tuesday). It is seen by the tech industry as a direct attack on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, as well as a major competitor. There is a massive web comic that goes into the technical details, though there is a simplified version (still for techies).

Here are some features of Google Chrome, according to the comic…                                 

Each page will load in it’s own process, so if that page crashes for whatever reason, it doesn’t crash the whole browser, and as a result, anything else you were doing in other tabs. Awesome.

–Another perk of Google Chrome is the Privacy Mode. "You can create an incognito window and nothing that occurs in that window is ever logged on your computer, and none of the history of that tab is saved in the browser, and the cookies are wiped out when the tab is closed." (from the comic)

–There is also Sandboxing, which is used to "prevent malware from installing on your computer or using what happens in one tab to affect what happens in another. They can compute but they can’t write files to your hard drive or read files from sensitive areas like your documents or desktop".

-Google Chrome is continually downloading lists of harmful sites for phishing and malware, if you go to a site the matches the list, you’ll get a warning. (This reminds me of a function in OpenDNS, which I use)

To be fair, PCWorld’s Harry McCracken has 10 interesting questions about Google Chrome, and it’s worth a read.

                                Google Chrome should be available for download on Sept 2, and will be in Beta. Once it’s out in the wild, this will certainly get interesting!


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