Back Up Your Stuff!

                      I listen to a lot of technology podcasts, most notably from Leo Laporte’s network. Nearly every weekend, he harps on how important it is to back up the irreplacable files on your computer, PC or Mac. In this day and age, truer words have never been spoken! If you own a computer, and your most likely do, you’ve likely encountered at least one time where you’ve lost all of your data for one reason or another. It’s heartbreaking! If you have only one backup of your files, you’re asking for trouble, especially if those files are stored on CDs or DVDs. They’re so easy to lose, and scratch. Having an external hard drive is better, it’s larger, and protects the data more reliably.

                      If you are truly interested in never losing your data, consider off-site companies like Carbonite or Mozy. They will encrypt your files on their servers, which are in many locations. The initial upload will take a long time, maybe even weeks, but after that only the changed files are backed up. The only catch is both services are not free, but worth every penny! Carbonite is $49.95 a year, Mozy is $4.95 a month. Now, you have the data on your hard drive, an external drive, and off-site. You’re laughing if something happens to your computer, because you’ve lost nothing. That is a truly great feeling! I should mention this is not an ad for either service, though I use Carbonite myself. Overall, off-site is just an incredible peace of mind!

                     To read more on Carbonite and Mozy, check out my more detailed post.



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