The Job Hunt


                      There’s nothing more frustrating (for me) than being unable to find work. I’ve been through the experience a couple of times. I started looking for work nearly a month ago. I’ve done everything from phone calls to going around in to different businesses in-person, just to show I can get off my ass and be motivated, which most places obviously appreciate! I’ve received a couple of phone calls, and even 3 interviews, but nothing came of it. I don’t think it’s a strike against me, there just seem to be more people then jobs. Though people keep telling me jobs are aplenty, which I’m finding hard to believe at this point.

                       I bought a Lethbridge Herald, and took took of the jobs I can do, and called them up. I even did some follow-up calls. Places either are not hiring, or "the busy season is just around the corner", then they ask me to try applying again in a couple of weeks.

                       The trouble with waiting is it works against me. I have to go back to college in the fall, and as of right now, there’s just over two months of summer left. Whatever job I do end up getting, I hope it will allow me to work weekends so I can stick with it. I’ve jumped around to different jobs in the past (which doesn’t work to my favor either), I don’t wish to do it again, and I’ve made that very clear.


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