I Start Monday!

I had an interview scheduled for this morning (Friday) at 10:30am. However, I woke up feeling sick (bloated and a little nauseus). I had one of those 24-hr bugs, and am still feeling the effects of it. So, I called the company up and rescheduled for Monday at 10:30am. Moments later, they called me back saying I might as well start work on Monday, and they’d get to know me through the course of the day. Awesome!

The company is CB Constantini. Odd name, but who am I to judge? They are wholesale grain dealers, and apparently do business across the Prairies. The job itself is un/loading grain and seed from trucks and railway cars. Though they admit some heavy lifting is required, there is equipment and machines to ease the strain (forklift, front-end loader, auger).

The hours are very good. 8-4:30. I’m not sure if that’s Monday to Friday, but I’ll work whenever, so that doesn’t bother me. I don’t care about benefits, since the college still takes care of that. They have told me the pay is about $12-13 an hour, but it’s negotiable. However, I have no experience, so I won’t be arguing it. Plus, I’m not in the position to be choosy. That wage also seems on par with the rest of Lethbridge, in the industrial park anyway.

There’s no guarantee of long-term work yet, it’s a trial period first, see how the job suits me and if they like me. Fair enough! They seem like a great bunch of guys, and I’m very excited to start working!


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