Can't Sleep…

I would have loved nothing more then to fall asleep somewhere between 9-12pm last night, but I had homework to finish. My body somehow managed to wake up between 12 and 1am, but I tried to go to sleep anyway. Well, I’m still awake at nearly 2am! WTF?! There’s only 4 hours before I have to be up…it’s going to be a long day, but this entire week has been really unpredictable. I’m still going to school tomorrow morning. I’ve already missed two days, I’m not missing more.  This afternoon I’m writing a test, then I’ll likely come home and try to get some sleep in case I end up being invited out to party with friends…if I’m up to it, I hope I will be. I could really use it.

I rented three movies I’ll likely watch over the weekend…"Awake", "Rendition", and "Rescue Dawn". What really surprised me is that "Awake" has three top Hollywood actors in it, and I’ve never even heard of it! The clerk there mentioned another one like that too, one with Halle Berry, called "Things We Lost In The Fire".

Things We Lost in the Fire trailer

Awake Trailer


Rescue Dawn Trailer


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