What A Day

                      I woke up at 11:30am (well, it is the weekend), and went to the college at 1:30pm with Deb to finish recording the stand-up piece (when a reporter talks on camera) for my news story (to be aired live-to-tape at the end of the semester). We then went into the Mac lab and spent close to an hour trying to capture the footage and save it digitally on the computer, but we couldn’t get it to work (for the first time this year!). Deb was wasn’t feeling well, so we decided to call it a day and try again some time Monday and finish it up.

                     So I came home and started on homework, which I’ve been steadily working on for the rest of the day.

                     The other issue that decided to rear it’s ugly head was our water heater decided to crap out. We’re not sure what’s wrong with it. We called up KB Heating and they walked us through re-lighting the pilot light. That didn’t work, after several attempts. So, we’re going to call them back in the morning and have them come over sometime tomorrow, and save the landlord double the cost for overnight service. This just means I’ll have a cold shower in the morning. Great. Well, it’ll wake me up if nothing else.

                     Oh, and the police scanner has been going non-stop all evening. Amidst all the activity going on here at the house, I’ve managed to hear about a multi-car accident involving cows, and right now an armed stand-off appears to be coming to a close after 3 hours. Chances are both will be in the paper at some point in the next week. I love hearing things while they happen. You learn so much more then what the paper can tell you. If you want to listen for yourself, go here.

                     Almost forgot, I got a hold of one of my best friends, Cher, from Nova Scotia. It was wonderful to talk to her, though she was exhausted after a long day, but hey, that happens, especially with a year-old baby.


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