My Damn Phone

                      I love computers and technology, and have literally grown up with it, but sometimes it frustrates me to no end! Long story short, my phone officially died on Wednesday. It started acting up on Monday, but kicked the can yesterday. Why, I haven’t a clue. I haven’t done anything to it, in fact I’ve treated it with due care ever since I got it…hoping it would last! I I phoned up Virgin Mobile, and they told me they would send me a batter voucher via email in a few days. Fair enough. I waited until today (Thursday), so far no email. I decided that I would visit a local battery store, one that’s dedicated exclusively to them, and replace the battery, hoping that was the problem. Turns out….not so much. Something’s messed up with the phone itself. Frickin’ terrific.

                     I phoned up Virgin Mobile again tonight, and the woman I was talking to pretty much contradicted what the guy told me on Monday. They can’t send me a new phone…it’s against policy (since it’s prepaid). Though they can send me a kit to that I can send my phone in for repair, and get it back….a month from now. I seriously don’t think so! Either that, or buy another phone….suffice to say, I’m not impressed. The phone crapped out on me, and they’re right, it’s prepaid. They won’t send me a new phone because that would cost them money…so instead it’ll cost me money to get a new one. I’m bitter, yes, but they’re still the best cell phone company I know of, so I’m stickin’ with them.


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