In Leduc for the Holidays

          The Greyhound trip from Lethbridge to Leduc went fairly well. It started out kinda rough. I decided to use garbage bags to bring my clothes and some technology stuff. I can’t afford a suitcase, and boxes didn’t make sense. Well, Greyhound no longer accepts garbage bags…which they decided to tell me 10 minutes before departure, leaving me to scramble in buying two boxes ($8), and stuffing everything in them. Once in Leduc, it turns out they mistakened the boxes as freight, and they’re sitting in Calgary. One did arrive Wednesday morning, but the other one is still there. Weird. Not impressed. They tag them, but don’t read them. Pointless. Idiots.

          On a positive note, I have now arranged at least 3 coffees with friends in the next week. I’m still hoping for a couple more, but some friends have yet to get back to me. I can’t wait to see them again! Speaking of friends, I’ll be making an effort to get a hold of some friends in Lethbridge, as well as those in central and eastern Canada, and some family, in the next week. I’m hoping I get everything done that I want to, if not, I’ll make some calls when I’m back in Lethbridge.

          As for Christmas, I’m nearly done getting gifts, I just have have to pick up a couple more things.

           I’m also getting in some time with the family. I’ve been hanging out with David mostly, though Dad and I are spending some time together on Thursday. Not sure when I’ll get some quality time with Mom, but that’ll happen, so I’m not worried.

           Anyway, there’s a quick update. I’m using my Dad’s Windows Vista system, since it’s in my old room, plus, as much as I’d rather not, it’s good to learn it. I’ve been using David’s Vista laptop as well.

Merry Christmas, Everyone! Be safe.


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