A Month On My Own

                             I won’t make this a long entry, as I doubt anyone would read it if it were. I will say this…it’s been a really fun month, a month like none that I have experienced before. From learning where classes were, how to get around Lethbridge College, to learning instructors’ and classmates’ names. I never forget a face, but it’s embarrasing after a month not knowing some people’s names, though they seem to understand. We were eased into class the first couple of weeks, and thus far have been given assignments on a bi-weekly or weekly basis. It’s at a pace we can handle, and I have yet to feel stressed, though they keep us busy for sure.

                             The coolest part by far is socializing and meeting new people. There’s a group of people I hang out with on a regular basis, so far only at school, though I hope that will change. We’re quite open and honest with each other, and some of the stuff that comes up can be kinda surprising, but hilarious of course! We seem to have our typical spots for chillin’ out, especially in long breaks between some classes.

                             I seem to still have trouble remembering which homework assignment is for which class or teacher, as they’re all very similar in name, and a couple of teachers teach multiple classes. I still need to refer to my home-made daily schedule, as each day is different, and I have yet to memorize it. As far as homework goes, I forgot a portion of one assignment, and only got about 50% as a result. My bad. For another class, Local Gov’t, we were to phone up a random number in the phone book and practice polling, in prep for an unusual Saturday class. I waited till the last minute, then ended up falling asleep, so I didn’t get it done. Hopefully I can make that up.

                            Well, my parents are in Hawaii until the 29th…I think. They’re celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. I hope they’re having the time of their lives and taking a ton of pictures! They haven’t called yet, but probably can’t figure out how to. No worries.

                            I’ll leave it at that for now. Talk to ya’ll later!


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