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Locked Out of The House

                                  The title pretty much explains it, but I’ll elaborate. Around 9pm, I decided to get off my computer and step out onto the back porch for some air. I unlocked the deadbolt, but even after opening the door handle without unlocking the lock mechanism (which is normal from the inside). Anyway, I didn’t unlock that mechanism, in an obvious display of genius (not). I walked out on to the porch, and after about five minutes, tried to get back into the house. The door had locked behind me. I spent about five minutes thinking of a way to get back in. I decided to go over to my neighbour’s house, in pajamas, and use the phone to contact my landlord. No answer. They even went to the trouble of driving me over to where I thought my landlord’s house is. Couldn’t find it. Tried three different houses on three different streets. Decided to drive back to the house and call the police, to try and get my landlord’s unlisted number and address. Was stuck waiting for a call back. Then, my neighbour had the brilliant idea of using his credit card to open the door…and guess what, it worked, but only because the deadbolt hadn’t been locked!!! All in all, the whole situation had me a little stressed, admittedly, but I knew I’d get back in, one way or another, even if it meant breaking a small basement window to do it…which I did not have to do, thank God! I’ve only lived here a little over a month, it wouldn’t look so good! Oh, I did end up phoning the police back and cancelling my request for the unlisted name and address.

                                 A few lessons were learned from this experience. Always carry my keys with me whenever I step even a foot out that door. Secondly, unlock the door handle and deadbolt when not intending on leaving the yard. Third, always make the effort to get to know at least my closest neighbors before I need their help. Not only can they be very helpful, they also tend to be very kind as well! I doubt they’ll read this, and I already thanked them countless times, but a huge Thank You! goes out to them!


A Preview of 24: Season 7

                                     Note: This entry may contain some plot and/or storyline spoilers. I’m not normally a fan of such things, but I like to know basic details.

"What we are going for, is really taking this to the personal level," unlike this season’s focus on nuclear threats, the President getting hurt and possible war. Loceff says "You just can’t go much bigger than that, unless you put a spacesuit on Jack Bauer and shoot him into orbit. Which you know, we may get there. but we’re not going to be there yet." "Next season expect smaller story lines for the characters, including Jack. Loceff adds "and how he tries to resolve a particularly thorny conflict in the final episode." Loceff tells us Season 7 will focus on smaller and more intense story lines. But, the specifics are still a mystery even for Loceff and the writers.

They stated that the show will now officially take place in D.C., and that CTU no longer exists since it was disbanded by the government. Also, they stated that at the beginning of the season Jack will be appearing before the Senate Committee to answer questions about his actions in the past, some of which they think may have been criminal. Additionally, they confirmed there would be no prequel to bridge the gap between Seasons 6 and 7.

Tony Almeida will return in the premiere of season 7. Show-runner Howard Gordon explained that Tony’s "uncertain fate" left the door open for his return Another confirmed character to return is Chloe.

Fox President Peter Liguori said: "We’ve really heard what the loyal audience has said to us. The good news is simply this: It has really fuelled the show runners to be more daring with what they’re going to do next year."


They reassured fans that unless you see someone die, they’re probably not dead.


Big Shots – Series Premiere Review

                                           The series focuses on the private lives of some American company Executives. The first episode hits the ground running with topic matter and mature language that one would expect to see on HBO, not ABC or CTV here in Canada. It was honestly shocking. Though, I have an open mind, and was able to handle it. I found the writing to be very strong, and the writers didn’t hold back in any way. It was almost refreshing. The actors are strong, and the show didn’t let up whatsoever during the entire hour. Any show that does, in my opinion, is weak. The humour was very mature, but really funny. I caught myself laughing out loud a few times. Basically, if you can watch "The Sopranos", this show won’t bother you. I’ll be watching it next week for sure.

A Month On My Own

                             I won’t make this a long entry, as I doubt anyone would read it if it were. I will say this…it’s been a really fun month, a month like none that I have experienced before. From learning where classes were, how to get around Lethbridge College, to learning instructors’ and classmates’ names. I never forget a face, but it’s embarrasing after a month not knowing some people’s names, though they seem to understand. We were eased into class the first couple of weeks, and thus far have been given assignments on a bi-weekly or weekly basis. It’s at a pace we can handle, and I have yet to feel stressed, though they keep us busy for sure.

                             The coolest part by far is socializing and meeting new people. There’s a group of people I hang out with on a regular basis, so far only at school, though I hope that will change. We’re quite open and honest with each other, and some of the stuff that comes up can be kinda surprising, but hilarious of course! We seem to have our typical spots for chillin’ out, especially in long breaks between some classes.

                             I seem to still have trouble remembering which homework assignment is for which class or teacher, as they’re all very similar in name, and a couple of teachers teach multiple classes. I still need to refer to my home-made daily schedule, as each day is different, and I have yet to memorize it. As far as homework goes, I forgot a portion of one assignment, and only got about 50% as a result. My bad. For another class, Local Gov’t, we were to phone up a random number in the phone book and practice polling, in prep for an unusual Saturday class. I waited till the last minute, then ended up falling asleep, so I didn’t get it done. Hopefully I can make that up.

                            Well, my parents are in Hawaii until the 29th…I think. They’re celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. I hope they’re having the time of their lives and taking a ton of pictures! They haven’t called yet, but probably can’t figure out how to. No worries.

                            I’ll leave it at that for now. Talk to ya’ll later!

I'm Still Here

                          In case you’re wondering after over a month of no entries, no, I haven’t forgotten or abandoned this blog. I just haven’t had the time to update it. I moved to Lethbridge three weeks ago, which I love, and started college 2 weeks ago. It took me a little over a week to get settled in, though I have yet to go out and find a doctor, which I’ll probably do this week. That’s the only real major thing left outside of school. I have yet to pay my tuition, which I’ll be making the effort to do this week. They haven’t demanded it of me, and they let me attend classes, so I tend to forget about it, but I will pay it. I apparently have until the end of October, though I won’t be waiting that long, of course.

                         Though it’s not a major issue at this point, I will begin looking for work this week, and possibly even start applying this week or early next week. I don’t know what I want. I want to avoid retail and fast food, so I’m hoping there’s something else to choose from here on the south side of Lethbridge. If not, whatever, it’ll only be 2-3 shifts a week, part-time anyway. I’ll do retail if I absolutely must, but not fast food.

                         That’s the jist of what I’ve been up to, and I will be creating a somewhat more detailed entry in the coming days, likely posting it by Thursday. Thanks for checking back every once in a while to make sure I’m still around. You can still reach me by email or phone, which you can find on my Facebook account. Have a good one!

About Me


Name: Kevin William Elliott Lloyd

Nickname(s): Kev

Birthdate: July 24, 1982

Birthplace: Red Deer, Alberta

Parents’ Names: Gary and Gail

Siblings’ Names: David

Hometown: Red Deer

Eye colour: blue

Hair colour: Dark Brown

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Weight: 160 Lbs

Occupation: Student

Righty or Lefty: left

Heritage: Family came over from England in late 1800s, mostly to Nova Scotia and Alberta.

Favorite Colour: green and blue

Favorite Animal: Dogs and Cats, thought I love all animals, so long as they don’t try and eat me.

Favorite TV Show: 24, CSI

Favorite Movie: The Mummy

Favorite Cartoon: Bugs Bunny and Friends

Favorite Song: depends on the day.

Favorite Sport: If I had to choose, Hockey

Favorite Actor/Actress: Nicole Kidman, Bruce Willis

Favorite Musician: Timbaland, Rihanna

Favorite Athlete: don’t have one

Favorite Comedian: Russell Peters

Favorite Food: Pizza, Beef Jerky

Favorite Drink: Fruitopia, Coke

Favorite Number: 24

Favorite School Subject: History, English

Favorite Clothing: if it fits, looks decent, and matches, I’m good.

Favorite Book: Leo Laporte’s Technology Almanac

Favorite Snack Food: Beef Jerky

Favorite Season: Summer

Hobby: movies, computers

Talent: computers

Age of first kiss: 11 or 12

Age you lost your virginity: 23

Age you got married: not applicable

Age you had your first kid: Not applicable

Have you ever been drunk: haven’t, never intend to.

Have you ever gotten high: no.

Have you ever been arrested: No.

Have you ever been in a fight: Yes

Have you ever been in an accident: only minor fender benders

Fears: Sharks, Snakes, anything that might kill me or eat me.

Most important possessions: my computers, my tv.

Pet Peeve: politicians, terrible drivers, people who pretend to be someone they’re not.

Number of Tattoos: 0

Number of piercings: 0

Best Quality: Helpful and Fun

Best physical trait: my smile, eyes, or so i’m told.


Cute or Sexy: little of both, actually. More cute then sexy, though.

Taller or Shorter: shorter

Lips or Eyes: eyes

Petite or Big: petite.

Sweet or Caring: Caring

Easygoing or Serious: Easygoing

Sensitive or Loud: sensitive


Abortion: i’m not a fan of it, but to each their own

Gay Marrige: to each their own

Gun Control: It doesn’t work.

God: he exists.

Aliens: sure, why not.


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