Postponed One Day

                    Well, today was my intended day to travel to Lethbridge in the UHaul, a 6 1/2+ trip. However, a combination of excitement, anxiety, stress, and the fact that my mind just would not shut up and let me sleep, resulted in my getting just barely 1 hour’s worth of sleep last night, easily my worst night in years. Between 7:30am and 10am, I finished the majority of the packing and filling the UHaul, when I decided that regardless of how awake I thought I felt, one hour’s sleep and a 6 hour drive are not a good combination, it’s just not safe. So, I decided to push the trip one day ahead. Well, it turns out Mom is off the next two days, starting tomorrow, and she’s willing to drive with me to Lethbridge, and take the Greyhound bus back to Leduc on Thursday. This works out wonderfully for me. I phoned up my landlord and let her know of the change. I also phoned up UHaul, and they say the extra day is no problem, though it will cost extra, but I have no choice. So, here I sit, it’s noon, and I’m really tired, but I refuse to go to sleep until either tonight or when I’m absolutely exhausted, so I’ll sleep through the night and not screw up my body clock further. This actually works out better. Life’s weird sometimes that way.


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