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Postponed One Day

                    Well, today was my intended day to travel to Lethbridge in the UHaul, a 6 1/2+ trip. However, a combination of excitement, anxiety, stress, and the fact that my mind just would not shut up and let me sleep, resulted in my getting just barely 1 hour’s worth of sleep last night, easily my worst night in years. Between 7:30am and 10am, I finished the majority of the packing and filling the UHaul, when I decided that regardless of how awake I thought I felt, one hour’s sleep and a 6 hour drive are not a good combination, it’s just not safe. So, I decided to push the trip one day ahead. Well, it turns out Mom is off the next two days, starting tomorrow, and she’s willing to drive with me to Lethbridge, and take the Greyhound bus back to Leduc on Thursday. This works out wonderfully for me. I phoned up my landlord and let her know of the change. I also phoned up UHaul, and they say the extra day is no problem, though it will cost extra, but I have no choice. So, here I sit, it’s noon, and I’m really tired, but I refuse to go to sleep until either tonight or when I’m absolutely exhausted, so I’ll sleep through the night and not screw up my body clock further. This actually works out better. Life’s weird sometimes that way.


Going To A Dinner Theatre…

Aug 17, 2007 – Oct 28, 2007
                                          The following takes place on three 29 minute flights aboard I-SOAR airlines flight 242. Special Agent Jack Bauer of the CCU (Counter Crime Unit) always gets his man, or in this case, woman. After relentlessly pursuing the most dangerous assassin in Canadian history, Jack finally has her in custody. But the day is not over yet. He must get her out of Ottawa before her associates rescue her. A huge media event at the airport provides Jack the perfect opportunity. Tonight is the inaugural flight of the new "Skytanic Luxury Air Cruiser" from Canada’s I-Soar airlines. This ultra steady aircraft features a seating capacity of 500 passengers and provides live entertainment. Guest celebrities and dignitaries from around the world are on hand for the flight that will take passengers from Ottawa to Washington, back to Winnipeg. Equipped with the new Stratosflight Propulsion system, it will only take 29 minutes for each leg of the trip with Winnipeg (Edmonton / Calgary) being the very city Jack must deliver his beautiful, dangerous prisoner… But first he must survive each 29 minute flight! There are "associates" trying to free the prisoner, corporate spies looking to steal the new jet propulsion technology and a few other "surprise" passengers! Now the clock is ticking for Jack and his team to regain control and complete their mission. Will the plane be on time? Will their luggage be lost? Could these bubbly stewardesses be undercover spies?! Join the mile high club for this "real time" comedy, set to the thrillin’ hits of the ’80’s.


                                           That’s the stage play Mom and I are going to see tonight at the world-famous Jubilations Dinner Theatre. It should be a lot of fun! Mom did me the awesome favour of coming to Lethbridge with me, so I’m going to this with her, though I want to go anyway.

Leo Laporte's 5 Rules for Safe Computing

1. Don’t open email attachments; even if it’s from someone you know. If you do get something from someone you know, make sure that they really sent it to you. Email attachments are the number one way viruses and trojan horses get into your email. You might also want to turn off HTML email in Outlook and other programs. HTML emails are just as dangerous as rogue web sites, and can spread infections just by previewing them.

2. Don’t click links in email. That link could lead you to a phishing site, or the link may lead you to install malicious software. Copy and paste links into your browser, or type them in by hand instead. Another reason to disable HTML email – the HTML hides the real destination of that seemingly innocuous link.

3. Don’t download files from places you aren’t absolutely sure are safe. Stick with the well known sites. Teenagers who use file sharing software like BitTorrent, Azureus, Kazaa, Morpheus, Grokster, and Limewire, often unwittingly download spyware and trojans. If you must, quarantine all downloads then scan them a few days later with an updated anti-virus.

4. Update your OS regularly! Turn on automatic updates in OS X and Windows. Apply all critical updates immediately. Criminals often create hacks within 24 hours of Microsoft’s patches (these are called zero day exploits), so you need to protect yourself the day the patches appear.

5. Use a firewall. The best firewall is a hardware router – the kind you use to share an internet connection. Even if they’re not billed as firewalls, they are, and they’re quite effective. I also recommend turning on your operating system’s firewall – even if you have a router – but I don’t recommend third-party software firewalls. They cause more problems than they solve {note: Kevin disagrees with this point}.


ALSO: When choosing an anti-virus you might want to look at the reviews at independent sites like the Virus Bulletin and AV Comparatives. {note: Kevin believes this should be Point #6. Only if you have several years of experience and know-how should you attempt to run without an anti-virus, and even then, you should for peace of mind.}

Note: Spyware is also an issue nowadays, and deserves mention. Here are tools you can use to remove such parasites.

Keep in mind, these are just the 5 basic rules of computing, and by no means do they cover everything, but they are a good start, and that’s the point.

Road Trip…

                             since I’ll be out of town for 4-5 days, I won’t have access to Facebook or my e-mail. So, if I don’t respond until early next week, now you know why. It’s nothing personal, I just won’t have access to a computer. Which, truthfully, will really suck. I will miss not having the internet…that’ll be a major change!

Going To Lethbridge

              Well, it’s finally happening, albeit later then I would like. I’m heading down to Lethbridge to finalize my living arrangments. I’ve looked at apartments, townhouses, shared accomodations, and rooms in houses to rent. Apartments, no surprise, if you’re on your own, it’s expensive. Townhouses, near impossible to find one available. Shared accomodation…hard to find, but available, though the obvious lack of privacy is a major drawback. The places that have enticed me so far are the basement or house suites and rooms to rent. They’re reasonably priced for a single person, and features all the amenities of an apartment without the cost.

                        I’m both excited and scared at the same time. It’s not that I don’t have the courage or matureness to get the job done. I’m 25, but moving out, or moving in general, is both stressful and scary, especially when it’s your first time. I have no problems with it, but I can’t get rid of the butterflies in my stomach or get the list of things I have to do out of my head. So, everytime I think of something, I write it down, and my mind relaxes, mostly.

                        I’m done packing for the most part, aside from hygienic things, which I’ll pack moments before I leave, around 12:30pm. I should arrive around 5:30-6pm. I’ll have to make the trip with limited stops along the way to make the 6pm check-in deadline, but I will stop to stretch my legs, and of course to eat and attend to other necessities of life.

                        One thought occured to me last night. My Mom is on a week off from work right now, and I’m thinking she might enjoy the short vacation, especially when it comes to where her oldest son will be living. If she can come, fantastic, if not, that’s fine. I’m perfectly capable. However, she is an excellent navigator, and having the company for my first long trip in years would be quite welcome.

                        All that said, I should be in bed right now, but I’m a bit too excited to sleep. Coffee will be quite welcome when I wake up today. That said, having a backup driver for my trip would be nice too. Everyone needs breaks, especially from the beyond-bored road trips around Alberta….and don’t even get me started on Saskatchewan, or as my former co-workers call it, "Saska-bush".

The New Windows Live Writer

                    I just installed and am using the newest Beta (beta 2) of Windows Live Writer, which you can use to create blog posts for Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, and Moveable Type. I use it for my Live Spaces account, and have for a few months now. I must say that Beta 2 looks much more polished and professional, though, like most Microsoft products these days, contains far too much of the color ‘blue’. However, I’m liking the additional features and functionality. Now if Microsoft can just implement a tabbed interface into all it’s products, I’d be a much happier camper.

Get It Here:

60 Questions

1. Have you ever let the phone ring and not answer?
Yes. Sometimes I just don’t want to talk on the phone. If it’s truly important, they’ll
leave a message.

2. Have you ever turned off the ringer on the phone?

3. Have you ever unplugged your smoke detector?
As in taken out the batteries, yes.

4. Have you ever slept on the couch?
I’ve tried, at friends’ houses, but I never sleep very well.

5. Have you ever let someone else drive your car?
Yes, if the situation calls for it, and I trust the person.

6. Have you ever drove a vehicle while drinking?

7. Have you ever drove a vehicle while on drugs?

8. Have you ever walked home from a party?
No, I’ve always had someone come get me or I’ll drive, as I never drink to get drunk.

9. Who are your closest friends?
Alan, Cher, William.

10. Do you have any past friends that you would like to be the same with again?
There are many times in my life I’d like to relive, but I’ve accepted it and moved on.

11. Did you have friends, that you will never talk to again?
people in life come and go, that’s the nature of life. I certainly hope I’ll talk to them all again, but who knows.

12. Have you betrayed a friend?

13. Has a friend ever betrayed you?
not to my knowledge.

14. Would you like to relive a moment in your life over again?
Yes, but that’s not going to happen, is it?

15. At what age do you wish to get married?
Age dosen’t matter as long as she’s the right one for me and we continue to love each other.

16. Do you have any regrets in your life so far?
yes, but it’s the experiences in life that make you a better person.

17. Do you believe in Psychics?

18. Are you superstitious?

19. What is your favourite thing to do?
talk to friends, do stuff on my computer.

20. What is the last thing you cried over?
I’m not really an emotional person, so I can’t remember.

21. What would be your ideal weekend?
A romantic get-a-way with that special gal up at the cottage on the lake / river

22. What would be your ideal trip/vacation?
Germany or Australia.

23. If you could choose 1 person to take on a trip with you, who would it be?
Cher, as she could probably use the break from the daily grind.

24. If you could choose 3 friends to go on a trip with you, who would it be?
Alan, Cher, William

25. If you could choose a relative to go on a trip with you, who would it be?
My cousin Brook-Lynn. Haven’t seen her in years.

26. When was the last time you dressed up?
last year, I think, for a job interview.

27. Are you a partier?
No, not really. but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun.

28. Are you a flirt?
depends on my mood and the situation.

29. Are you attractive?
I’m average, but certainly not a "hottie", at least I don’t think so.

30. What is your favourite past-time?
being on my computer

31. The last girl that hit on you?
none, though it would have been welcome.

32. Last thing you painted?
most likely a wall or something while growing up.

33. Last thing you said out loud?
yeah, okay.

34. Last time you went outside?
yesterday morning, to get hotcakes at McD’s.

35. Last time you played a board game?
a few years ago.

36. Last time you went swimming?
last year at some point.

37. A person you would love to see right now?
Brittney or Cher.

38. Last guy that called you on the phone?
My brother, wanting to know what he worked today, as he lost his schedule.

39. Last girl that called you on the phone?
Cher, a couple of days ago. Though the conversation was incredibly short.

40. A friend that you can tell all your problems to and not get judged?
Alan or Cher or David.

41. A friend that you have had the most arguments with?
Not sure, haven’t had an argument with a friend in a while.

42. A friend that you really can’t trust?
My friends I can trust, if I can’t trust you then you’re not my friend.

46. Where did you last eat out?

47. What was the last thing you ate?

48. A new friend?
lately, I’ve been reconnecting with old friends.

49. A person that you would like to date?
A couple of girls at the airport (none that I worked with), though I don’t see myself going back to the airport any time soon, not working there any more.

50. What else is hard to a needle in a hay stack?
common courtesy.

51. What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?
Chocolate chunks.

52. Where do you plan on going for your next weekend away?
just for the weekend, if I’m going on vacation, it’s for a decent amount of time, like a week.

53. Who out of all your friends would you consider to be the most homosexual?
odd way to word the question…the only two gay people I know are William and Dave (worked with him). Both really cool guys.

54. Do you like cheese?
processed, yes.

55. What pisses you off the most about computers?
the fact that most people don’t know how to use them.

56. What gets you through the day?
Enjoying what I do.

57. Who do you consider sexy on your facebook?
all the lovely ladies, I suppose.

59. What are you looking at right now this instant besides the computer?
besides this computer, nothing.

60. Who will re-post this?
dunno, whoever feels like it.

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