My 25th Birthday

                         Whoa. I’m 25 years old. How the hell did this happen?! I don’t feel 25. That said, I’ve never really felt my age. I’m still a kid at heart, though my tastes have matured, and so has the way I look at life. I’m much more mature then I used to be. I have accomplished many things up to this point in my life, though my biggest accomplishments are still ahead. In two years, I’ll be a journalist, reporting on whatever I can, until I get where I want to be, as an online technology journalist.

                         We’re not doing anything special for my birthday today, in fact, we’re not celebrating it today. Everybody’s working but me. We’ll end up doing something to celebrate it, likely in the next week or so. My only real goal for today is narrowing down a place to live down in Lethbridge for when I go to school this fall. Otherwise, I’ll watch "Astronaut Farmer".

                          I’m hoping to receive some phone calls today, since it’s my birthday and all, but I still fully intend to call a couple of friends if they don’t call me.


1 Response to “My 25th Birthday”

  1. 1 Melissa July 24, 2007 at 8:34 am

    Happy Birthday you old fart, lol. I hope you have a great day. 

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