Quite The Lightning Show…

                  It started around 9:30pm, I think. I had just gotten out of seeing "Transformers" (review coming soon). Dark clouds were pretty much encompassing the sky in every direction. I came home, got my camera, and took a drive around Nisku and Leduc too see what was going on, and to see the spectacular lightning! I got quite a few pictures, though some are better then others. I’ll post them to my Flickr Photo Blog account momentarily. The rain and lightning has been picking up. It’s now 11pm, and the power keeps threatening to go out. It keeps flickering. Apparently the nearby town of Beaumont lost their power just minutes ago, according to the RCMP.


                   None of this is particularly out of character for the Summer season, it’s pretty damn cool to hear about and watch! Oh, and the Severe Thunderstorm Warning just came back on.  Man, I love this WeatherEye program, so useful! An officer just said  on the scanner that Beaumont is getting hammered with rain. I hope the power doesn’t go out, I want to hear what’s happening on the scanner!


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