Making Friends at the Airport

                               I’m human, therefore I am a social creature and crave human interaction. I try to learn at least the names of the people I meet at the airport, and engage in small talk when I can, sometimes conversation. There are a few people I’m try to even become friends with. There are those I work with, of course, those frienships are work-based, which is fine by me, though if offered, I might very well hang out with them aside from at work. Though, time hasn’t really been allowing of it lately. I’ve never been great at time management, and I tend to be busy outside of work, as most are, though I’d make the time within reason. I’m not a partier, I don’t drink or smoke, but I can certainly have fun and hang out.

                               There are those who I don’t work with, but "run into" from time to time, that I’d like to hang out with. A couple of whom are security officers (Graham and Katie), another is a security officer for a different company (Jen), and one that work at Tim Hortons (Zena). However, time is always an issue, and there isn’t usually time to take a few minutes and arrange anything outside of work, though that hasn’t stopped me from continuing to try.

                               I’ll be moving to Lethbridge for school this fall, so a relationship is out of the question for now, but friendships would be welcome, and appreciated.


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