Season Finale of "24"

                               I just watched the two-hour season finale of "24". The finale was a decent wrap-up of a lot of the year’s plots and subplots, which brings much needed closure to every season finale. The most impressive part of the episodes was the F-18s destroying the obsolete offshore oil rig to destroy a mysterious piece of technology fallen into the wrong hands, all while Jack and former CTU Director Bill Buchanon rescued Jack’s nephew from the clutches of Jack’s terrorist father. I’d love to know how they filmed that! The other most impressive part was Jack’s confrontation with his ex-girlfriend’s father, as Jack was facing a crossroads, trying to hang on to the thing he loves the most, Audrey, while knowing the lifestyle he’d bring her into.

                                The explosions and battles of the season finale were by far overshadowed by the character conflicts that have been building all season long. However, like all previous seasons, some questions and cliffhangers remained.

                                 Those who produce "24" are said to be reinventing the series for season 7. Honestly, it could use it, and many things do need to change for the series to become fresh and long-lasting. I trust that the show will endure some major changes, and I welcome them with open arms.

Season 7 starts in January 2008.


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