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To Brook-Lynn

                       This entry is a quick shout-out to my cousin Brook-Lynn (and family). I’ve sent you some messages on Facebook and some emails, but have received no response, so I’m assuming you didn’t get them?? So I’m trying this approach. Please email me or leave me a message on Facebook. Thank you.


The Interview

                    This entry is just a quick shout-out to my Best Friend Alan, who lives in Toronto. I hope the interview went well, pal! Email me or leave me a message on Facebook to let me know the details. I hope you get the position! (He’s going for an internal Help Desk job).

Another Week

                  Last week wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t as tiring or strenuous as previous weeks at the airport. I was in the bagroom for two days, albeit willingly. I like the variety, not being outside all the time, not being inside all the time. I didn’t have to do any Grooming on Northwest or Horizon, though I don’t think that’ll happen twice. Truth be told, I don’t mind that either, when I have to do it. My co-workers keep telling me to get a DA, or the airport equivalent to a driver’s license. Admittedly, I’m not sure I want to, but they do need drivers, and it’ll add more variety to the work, so I’ll likely go for it.

                    Sunday was fun, as some of the people I was working with got downright silly, albeit working professionally. Many jokes were made, the girls even admitted their guts were hurting from laughing so much. I didn’t see much of the humour, but it made for a fun night which ended off with us deciding to wave off the last flight of the night, which apparently our supervisor wants us to do more often now. Well, that kinda takes some of the fun out of it, but oh well.

                    The only movies we seemed to have watched last week were "The Fast and the Furious" trilogy. Myself, I would never get tired of watching those, but I doubt we’ll be watching them much this week, as I know others have tired of them.

                  I’m not sure what this week holds, but there are some familiar faces I’m hoping to see more of. I worked mostly with guys last week, so to work with some of the females would be decent.

Anti-Virus Product Reviews

:: source: ::

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6 

($50 USD)

This effective but expensive program has solid malware detection and the fastest outbreak-response time among currently tested competitors.

product page

Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2007 

($40 USD)

Symantec’s solid program wins top marks for antivirus detection and cleanup, but its renewal and support costs are high.

product page

BitDefender Antivirus 10 

(free edition available) ($30 USD)

BitDefender has excellent malware detection and a good price, but it’s hamstrung by a noticeable (though not show-stopping) system.

product page

Eset NOD32 

($39 USD)

NOD32 has the best proactive protection by far, but its overall malware detection is second-tier, and it has an overly technical interface.

product page

Panda Antivirus 2007 

($30 USD)

This competitively priced option provides good proactive protection, average overall malware detection, and a poor disinfection rate.

product page

Alwil Avast 4 Antivirus Professional Edition 

(free edition available) ($40 USD)

This program has decent overall malware detection, but poor proactive protection and an awkward interface. It also lacks U.S. phone support.

product page

Grisoft AVG 7.5 Anti-Virus Professional 

(free edition available) ($30 USD)

The least-expensive program we tested, AVG has average overall malware detection, the worst proactive protection, and a clunky interface.

product page

Trend Micro AntiVirus plus AntiSpyware 2007 

($40 USD)

Trend Micro’s poor performance at detecting malicious software (overall and proactive) put it at the bottom of the barrel in our ranking.

product page


:: source: ::

Season Finale of "24"

                               I just watched the two-hour season finale of "24". The finale was a decent wrap-up of a lot of the year’s plots and subplots, which brings much needed closure to every season finale. The most impressive part of the episodes was the F-18s destroying the obsolete offshore oil rig to destroy a mysterious piece of technology fallen into the wrong hands, all while Jack and former CTU Director Bill Buchanon rescued Jack’s nephew from the clutches of Jack’s terrorist father. I’d love to know how they filmed that! The other most impressive part was Jack’s confrontation with his ex-girlfriend’s father, as Jack was facing a crossroads, trying to hang on to the thing he loves the most, Audrey, while knowing the lifestyle he’d bring her into.

                                The explosions and battles of the season finale were by far overshadowed by the character conflicts that have been building all season long. However, like all previous seasons, some questions and cliffhangers remained.

                                 Those who produce "24" are said to be reinventing the series for season 7. Honestly, it could use it, and many things do need to change for the series to become fresh and long-lasting. I trust that the show will endure some major changes, and I welcome them with open arms.

Season 7 starts in January 2008.

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Eye Candy

                         It’s that time of year again, where the sun comes out, the temps rise, and the ladies show off their curves. I don’t mean to sound demeaning here at all, the female body is a beautiful work of art, and there isn’t anything wrong with showing it off…tastefully. Hell, I know for fact females think the same of good lookin’ guys. But I’m a guy, so my interest is in the female form. I do not look a woman up and down and think of her as object, but like I said…a beautiful work of art. I wasn’t born with the skills, nor the courage, to ask out a good lookin’ gal. That’s why I try not to worry about it. If I start up a conversation simply with the intention to make a friend, or at least an aquaintance, I’m still nervous, but it alleviates some of that pressure…which guys admittedly put upon themselves  by nature.

                            In any case, I have no intention of starting another relationship, as I’m starting college in the fall, and if I start something now, the possibility exists that it would have to end in less then 4 months, which wouldn’t be fair to me or the girl. So for now, I’m only interested in making friends. That said, I’ll never stop enjoying the view. 

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