A Rough but Fun Week

                         It’s not like it came as a surprise, as the my job duties as a Ramp Agent predictably have made me stiff and sore, particularly in the shoulders, lower back, knees, and feet. However, I’m doing my best to ‘suck it up’ and do the work anyway. That said, I went out and bought some muscle-pain Tylenol and a warm, soothing rubbing gel. I still have 4 days left this week. I’m going to start doing pre-work stretches as well. I’m going to see if I avoid having to stack the bags in the pits of the aircrafts today, but just for today to give my muscles a bit of a break. I’ll be bringing the Tylenol and gel with my regardless.

                         The thing I like most about this job is the comradery of everyone, and as much as we’re serious about the work, we can all have fun at the same time. I don’t get out much, so it’s akin to going to work and hanging out with friends all day, while accomplishing something at the same time.


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