This Ought To Be Fun

                       It’s Friday, thankfully, which means the airport’s may be a little busier then other days of the week, with people going away for the weekend, etc.. The reason I say this ought to be fun is because it’s forecast to rain/snow all day, much like the past 2 or 3 days, and I’ll be out in it job shadowing a crew today. I most definitely will be bundling up, bringing boots as well as shoes. I even stopped by Mark’s Work Warehouse to pick up a decent pair of warm gloves and hat. Weather aside, though, theory in the classroom is good (minus the ’80s teaching videos), but being out there, actually doing the work, is much more valuable. I don’t think I work tomorrow, although they may ask me to, to ease me into my Tues-Sat shift.

                       I have decided within the coming weeks to get a Nintendo DS. This job is guaranteed to have downtime, not to mention lunch time and breaks. There are many reasons why I’ve decided to get on, including high recommendations from friends, and the extensive variety of games available for it, not to mention the overall decent price.

                        Anyhow, I must continue getting ready for work. Must feed my grumbling stomach, get some coffee into me, and prepare to walk the kilometre or so from the parking lot to the terminal. Should be fun. Yes, that’s sarcasm. You expect anything less on a Friday?!


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