Landed a Job

                    After over two months of looking for work locally in Leduc and Nisku, and either having no luck, companies not calling me back, or saying they are busy and will start calling people "later", I decided to bite the bullet and apply to the Ramp Agent position at the airport.

                   I applied in person to ATS (airport terminal services), had the interview and was hired on the spot. I start Monday. It’s only offering $13/hr, but I’m told that may increase after the 3 months probation. Essentially, I got tired of looking elsewhere and just wanted something I know I will enjoy, even if it is a cut in pay. Most companies are offering $14/hr for General Labourers, so $13 isn’t bad. 

                    I know I’ll enjoy the work every day, which is more important then the pay anyway. A huge plus is that I don’t have to actually quit when September arrives. I’m told I can work at the Calgary airport. Lethbridge is where I’ll be living, so I might just work at their airport. Not sure if ATS operates there, so I’ll have to ask.

                     My brother does a similiar job at the airport, only for a different company, which is unionized, ATS isn’t. He’s officially part-time, but works full-time hours, and finds it easier to get overtime with split-shifts. Makes for a better paycheck, but it’s not something I would do, the split-shifts anyway. I have no issue with overtime.

                     From what I understand, there are two 8-hour shifts, one 10 hour shift, and one 12 hour shift. The idea is that you choose the shift that works best for you and stick with it, but I know it’s not that simple. However, I couldn’t care less, I’ll work whatever they tell me too, and likely more. Beats sitting around the house all day.


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