CDI College Gutted By Fire

                    A private college on the southside of Edmonton was gutted by fire Wednesday. It has not been determined what caused the blaze. It is know that the fire started in the college portion of the mini-mall. The college was completely destroyed, and students and now being shuttled to the other two campuses in the city.

                   I only mention this story because this was the college location that I believe sweet-talked me into taking a computer course last April. One could ague that I did sign up for the course, but I believe they methodically convinced me into taking the course. I quit after one month, upon realizing how much I would be paying for the kind of education I was being given. I would essentially have paid 17,000 to study books on my own (which cost above the cost of the course!). So, really, I would have paid that kind of money to sit there in their "school". Granted, not all their courses were like that, but mine was.  Students would sit in a single, good sized room, using computers. All students were taking different courses, and at different points in those courses. Not, in my view, an ideal learning environment. My then-girlfriend, Melissa, decided to take a course there as well. The fact we would have gone there together was mutually agreeable, but after discovering what it was really like, I threatened to back out, which would have forced her to as well, as we lived out of town. That pressure was enormous, and although I did drop out, I believe it was a major factor in the downward spiral that ended our relationshp.I don’t blame her, I blame them, and all money-driven private schools like them.

                  That being said, after the experiences I have had with private schools, hearing of one being destroyed was somehow justification, I suppose, for my experiences with private schools. I certainly wouldn’t condone or agree with such acts, but it was somewhat satisfying hearing of it. As far as the students who went there, they’re able to finish their classes at the other two locations in the city. As for the instructors (I don’t dare call them teachers) and students, noone was in the college at the time. It was Spring Break.

CBC News Story | Edmonton Sun Story


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