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Spyware Terminator

                          I have been using a free program lately called ‘Spyware Terminator’. I found it on a site I completely trust, as they have yet to do me wrong, and pretty much every techie knows of it, Unlike the free versions of many free programs, Spyware Terminator has a real-time protection feature. Now, it can be annoying, just like when a Firewall program alerts you to nearly every little thing at first. The program’s alerts can be very frustrating, especially when you’re installing a program(s). I say it’s best to disable the real-time protection feature temporarily during such situations. That said, I have found the program to have updates regularly, and is quite effective in scanning for known spyware, adware, and trojan horses. Which brings me to my next point…

Sea of Options

                           There is a sea of options when a user wants to get a firewall, anti-virus, or anti-spyware programs. Granted, competition is fantastic. Many anti-virus programs available today, free or paid-for, are quite effective in detecting and removing/disinfecting. Firewalls are all pretty much the same, although some are more configurable then others. Anti-spyware programs, though, are numerous, and all seem to scan for different things, or so it seems. Be it free, paid-for, or online scans, you pretty much have to run 4 or 5 scans to confidently remove/disinfect. Pardon me, but WTF?! Is it too much to ask for some consolidation? Competition is awesome, but not when it becomes cumbersome to the user. Who the hell wants to run 5 or more scans on a regular basis? Exactly. I can only hope that in the years (months?) to come, the options dwindle to something more manageable. Until then, check out this page on my Free Programs site to see the different programs.

A Rough but Fun Week

                         It’s not like it came as a surprise, as the my job duties as a Ramp Agent predictably have made me stiff and sore, particularly in the shoulders, lower back, knees, and feet. However, I’m doing my best to ‘suck it up’ and do the work anyway. That said, I went out and bought some muscle-pain Tylenol and a warm, soothing rubbing gel. I still have 4 days left this week. I’m going to start doing pre-work stretches as well. I’m going to see if I avoid having to stack the bags in the pits of the aircrafts today, but just for today to give my muscles a bit of a break. I’ll be bringing the Tylenol and gel with my regardless.

                         The thing I like most about this job is the comradery of everyone, and as much as we’re serious about the work, we can all have fun at the same time. I don’t get out much, so it’s akin to going to work and hanging out with friends all day, while accomplishing something at the same time.

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Night Hawk

                         You’ll know from my previous posts that I now work at the Edmonton International Airport as a Ramp Agent (baggage handler). From last Monday to yesterday, they’ve had us in training and job shadowing. Today (Tuesday), we start on our actual shifts. Mine’s 4pm-1am, Tues-Sat. I still have Sun and Mon to make phone calls, so that’s good. Most importantly, having the majority of the day off allows me to get things done, especially getting the ball rolling in regards to college in the fall. So that rocks, having during the day off, don’t have to worry about booking time off just to do something. As per tv shows, honestly, the only show I really watch is "24", everything else I tend to catch while channel surfing. The tv season is ending anyway. Lastly, I’m not a morning person, so to be able to sleep in every day is very nice and much more my style.

                         One good thing about the past few years is that I’ve been able to experience different jobs, from computer sales to tech support, working in a grocery store, and being a Shop Hand. Being a Ramp Agent has been the most enlightening, I’d say. When one is travelling, we expect things to be a certain way, but there are many people behind the scenes that make it happen. When you’re one of those people, it makes you feel appreciated and needed. It gives you a reason to get up every day and to do your best. So yes, I’m enjoying it so far. I find I work best in a job that is the same routine every day. Things change, of course, but it’s the same routine. I still have to work on perfecting it, but that’s expected. Overall, the work is simple, but meaningful. Stressful? Not really, but it can be quite the workout sometimes. For my first real day on the Ramp (tarmac), I wasn’t as sore as I thought I would be, although my knees are…forgot my knee pads at home.

This Ought To Be Fun

                       It’s Friday, thankfully, which means the airport’s may be a little busier then other days of the week, with people going away for the weekend, etc.. The reason I say this ought to be fun is because it’s forecast to rain/snow all day, much like the past 2 or 3 days, and I’ll be out in it job shadowing a crew today. I most definitely will be bundling up, bringing boots as well as shoes. I even stopped by Mark’s Work Warehouse to pick up a decent pair of warm gloves and hat. Weather aside, though, theory in the classroom is good (minus the ’80s teaching videos), but being out there, actually doing the work, is much more valuable. I don’t think I work tomorrow, although they may ask me to, to ease me into my Tues-Sat shift.

                       I have decided within the coming weeks to get a Nintendo DS. This job is guaranteed to have downtime, not to mention lunch time and breaks. There are many reasons why I’ve decided to get on, including high recommendations from friends, and the extensive variety of games available for it, not to mention the overall decent price.

                        Anyhow, I must continue getting ready for work. Must feed my grumbling stomach, get some coffee into me, and prepare to walk the kilometre or so from the parking lot to the terminal. Should be fun. Yes, that’s sarcasm. You expect anything less on a Friday?!

UPS Learning Curve

                    I bought a UPS just over a week ago. A few times a day, it was beeping at me. I tried plugging it’s USB cable into different ports, I even plugged the actual device into a different power bar. It got to the point where the UPS was acting like there was a continual power outage, and actually shutting down my computers. I decided to try and plug it directly into the wall socket. It’s no longer complaining. Well, there ya go. the damn things are picky, apparently.

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