Man of The Year

                             I just finished watching the movie ‘Man of the Year’, starring Robin Williams. It’s essentially about a comedian/talk show host who decides to run for President. That’s the centre story, and what carries the movie forward. The sub-plot involves William’s character and his team picking apart, mostly in observational humour, the Presidential process and their views on the present state of American politics on their way to the White House. Before you decide to stop reading at this point, the film makes a point of not being dry or boring, and is in fact highly entertaining and engaging. It’s a real eye opener laced with relevant humour.  The film makes many good points and arguments as to the current state of politics. The movie does not lean, nor support, one party over the other, nor does it endorse or hold any party or person up on a pedistool. Simply put, it pushes it’s viewpoint that present politicians and parties need to do more of what they were and are elected to do, serve the people, not the party. I will write movie review for this film on my website soon.


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