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Urban Chaos: Riot Response

                         I started playing the PS2 game ‘Urban Chaos:Riot Response’ a couple of days ago. I am really enjoying it! What wins me over is that the gameplay is intuitive! I love playing games where what you do, and how you do it, affects the gameplay and plot. For example, if you accidentally shoot a civilian, or take too long to difuse a hostage situation, the characters act accordingly, determining who lives and dies. The better you do, the more medals, special weapons, or extras you receive. Another reason I love the game is that it’s not toned down, and characters’ attitudes toward a situation change depending on how you handle your challenges. They even curse at you! Another thing I like is that the missions are few, but reasonably short. So, if you screw something up, you only have to redo so much. There are also checkpoints within each mission, which are essentially auto-save points. The cut scenes are short and sweet, the ones within the missions are CGI based, the ones between the missions are real-life actors and the like. I love that, makes the game seem real! The game is fast-paced, intense, and action packed!

                          So that’s my review of the game so far. The next game I intend to rent is ‘The Punisher’.



                Concern among pet owners is growing as officials look for the source of contamination that prompted the recall of more than 90 dog and cat foods across North America.The products, totalling more than 60 million cans and pouches, have been responsible for at least seven animal deaths in the U.S., says the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But numerous unconfirmed reports have popped up across Canada as well.

                The FDA is focusing on wheat gluten as a possible source of the contamination that sparked the recall last week. Because wheat gluten itself wouldn’t cause kidney failure, FDA investigators are examining other ingredients as possible sources of contamination. Those include heavy metals like cadmium and lead or fungal toxins. Aflatoxin, a corn fungus, sparked a 2005 dog food recall.

Veterinarians say the signs of kidney failure are:

  • a change in water consumption,
  • a change in the amount of urination
  • a decreased appetite
  • possible vomiting
  • generalized weakness or malaise


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The Movie '300'

                  I’m going to see the movie ‘300‘ with my friend Clinton this afternoon. As with most movies, I intentionally avoid reviews about them until I’ve seen them myself. I don’t want to go into the theatre with an already biased opinion. I like to make my own and compare it to review websites. The previews for it look incredible, and the interviews that I have seen of the cast are awesome! It’s a war epic, without a doubt, but not the traditional kind. Most war films seem to be based on the wars that have occured within the past hundred years or so. ‘300’ is based on a war that occured nearly 2000 years ago! I admit to not having researched the film, or to have read the novel it is based on. I like to go into a movie completely clueless, and let the movie speak for itself. I will type up a review for it this weekend. You’ll be able to find it at

Working on the Website

                         I’m in the process of slimming down my website, not only to make it load faster, but to make it more pleasant to look at and easier to navigate. I’ve put a lot of work (and changes) into my website over the years, and I want to keep the general feel and theme to it that it has, but make the site a bit less, well, bulky. I’m trying to make the changes as seamless as possible, as I hate those ‘under construction’, or ‘404’ errors as much as anyone. It’ll likely take about a month in all to implement, but that’s ok. One of my goals is to make navigating to my other websites a lot easier. You’ll know what I mean if you navigate to the main page now. My Photo Blog has changed from the no-longer-free TextAmerica to I’m seriously considering removing my original blog page, but I’m trying to figure out a way to move the content to my Windows Live Spaces account before I do. I want to consolide my 3 photos websites (pictures 1,2,3). That’s going to take some figuring out. or are looking the most likely. I’m using a website called, which the way I see it, is a place for quick mental ramblings that don’t qualify, or are too short, for real blog entries. You can find mine at

Wireless Number Portability Now in Canada!

                                     First off all, for the non-tech savvy readers out there who are thinking "what the hell is that?" Simply put, it means cellular customers in Canada can now switch providers without ever losing their cell numbers again! I would explain it further, but I’ll let do it for me

                                    "Cellular telephones have become a little more mobile today as a regulatory change makes wireless phone numbers as portable as the tiny devices that place the calls. Wireless number portability (WNP) is the result of 18 months of work by Canada’s cellular carriers after the federal government asked the industry to make it happen."

                                    "With the technical details ironed out, telephone customers are now able to transfer their service from one company to another without having to change phone numbers. Wireless number portability will allow customers to shop around for a better service plan and price without having to change their phone number. Until now, cellular phone numbers were controlled and assigned by the companies and most customers were locked into term contracts. Wireless number portability will allow customers to shop around for a better service plan and price without having to change their phone number."

WNP facts:

1. Portability exists only in areas with more than one provider.
2. Changing carriers means getting a new phone from the new provider.
3. Penalty clauses may apply to get out of a contract.
4. Only active phone numbers can be ported.
5. Companies may charge a fee to accept an existing phone number.
6. Only the phone number — not services such as voicemail — can be transferred.
7. Switching entails taking on a new rate plan.
8. Fax numbers, but not pagers, can be switched to a new carrier.

information source:

A Chance of Rain…

                           Usually, weather forecasts are fairly accurate. It can’t be predicted to the point of a guarantee, but typically forecasters are pretty darn close. Today, it seems, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Websites such as CBC, CTV, and the Weather Network predicted ‘a chance of rain’ for the Edmonton area today. Well, it’s snowing, as you can see in the pictures below. It’s nothing compared to a snowstorm, but it’s coming down at a good pace, which is actually hard to tell in these photos. It’s hovering around O degrees today, so the higher levels of the atmosphere but be producing the snow. It melts when it hits the ground. Again, nothing to write home about, but still a far cry from what was forecasted.

Rinbot Virus Targets Cable News Networks

"A disgruntled hacker with a personal grudge against Symantec, which provides anti-virus software to leading Fortune 500 companies, could be behind a new, crippling computer virus that’s already hit a division of at least one big U.S. corporation on Thursday.

If it spreads, technology experts warn the latest strains of the insidious RINBOT computer virus could hijack network systems of businesses worldwide.

"We’re not sure what the motivation is, but we are aware of a hacker that has been adding his own commands into the strain," Parsons said. Using those codes, Parsons said the hacker let it be known that he wasn’t happy that Symantec was calling the virus RINBOT."  —

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