Switching to VoIP

                       We decided this past week to research the possibility of getting rid of our tranditional landline phone number and switching to VoIP (phone over the internet) through Vonage. VoIP went mainstream a couple of years ago, but we held off, waiting until the technology has had the bugs and problems worked out. Problems included static on the line, and voice echoes. The technology is to the point now where we feel comfortable taking the plunge.

                      There are a few reasons why we have decided to go VoIP.

1.) The most obvious being that switching to it quite literally cuts our phone bill in half. No kidding. With our phone number, "luxury features" such as Caller ID, and a $25 per month long-distance plan, our bill averaged $73 per month. VoIP cuts that down to $42. Again, no kidding.

2.) With VoIP, there is no such thing as ‘long distance’, as everything on the internet is deemed ‘local’.

3.) Specialty features, including Caller ID, are included, not costs above and beyond.                         

4.) No more (hopefully) telemarketer calls. We used to receive them once in a while, now it’s practically on a daily basis. Our new number is automatically unlisted. We don’t have to pay extra for it, either.

                      Some other additional benefits include Vonage-based Voice Mail. There’s no need for a home-based answering machine, although we may choose to stick with it anyway. There are a lot of other great "luxury features" included, at no additional costs. I can definitely see VoIP totally taking over…in time. Just like high-speed trampled dial-up.

                      One cool feature that grabbed my attention is called Click-2-Call. "With Vonage Click-2-CallSM, you select a phone number from anywhere on your computer and we dial it instantly. Click-2-CallSM rings your Vonage number first. When you pick up your phone, it then rings the number you picked to dial. You will be able to ring any number, within US and Canada, on any device, without even dialing the number." –Vonage.ca


                      We will be strictly protecting our phone number, so if you want it, you’ll have to ask for it, but I will never post it on the web (including here), nor will we give it to people we don’t know (obviously).

                      VoIP works in an ingenious way, which is why it’s popularity is guaranteed to skyrocket in use in the coming years. You don’t have to change anything about your current phones or setup. You connect your high-speed connection to a VoIP phone adapter (sometimes seperate, sometimes built into a router), which connects to your home network. You simply plug a phone cord from the wall into the phone port on the adapter/router. You can now surf the web and/or make phone calls. It’s truly that easy.


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