What's So Great About Windows Vista?

                            With the fresh release of Windows Vista as of Tuesday, January 30, 2007, many have been left wondering just what’s so great about the newest release of Microsoft’s operating system. The more technically inclined have and are doing their homework to find out the answers to those sorts of questions, and not just for clients or friends, but for themselves.

                           Vista is the successor to Windows XP, released in 2001, but unlike Windows XP, is not the same massive upgrade to the operating system that XP was as the successor to Windows 98 and Windows 2000. Although Microsoft touts that Vista was rebuilt from the ground up, many computer and security experts see it as simply an upgrade in security capabilities, although features have been added. This is not to bash Vista by any means, but rather to say it’s not the same type of massive change to the operating system that users have become accustomed to, at least not in the same sense. Many professionals view Vista as nothing more then a glorified SP3 for Windows XP, and not something they’re willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for, and it seems the average home user is thinking the same thing.

"Vista is light-years ahead of XP from a built-in security perspective", but "The added security alone is not worth the money when comparing Vista with Windows XP SP2." "Only Windows Vista Ultimate–the most expensive one–includes the maximum level of protection." "But there’s no one compelling feature within Windows Vista that cries out to switch over."               –CNET.com

There are six major editions of Windows Vista; four that are readily available.

source: Winsupersite.com  CNET provides a detailed comparison chart.

Windows Vista Home Basic (Upgrade: $129; Full Retail: $259) CAD

A simple version of Windows Vista that is aimed at single PC homes. Windows Vista Home Basic is the baseline version of Windows Vista, and the version that all other product editions will build from. Windows Vista Home Basic is roughly analogous to Windows XP Home Edition.

Windows Vista Home Premium (Upgrade: $179; Full Retail: $299) CAD

Windows Vista Premium is similar to XP Media Center Edition, except that it adds numerous other features and functionality.

Windows Vista Business (Pro) (Upgrade: $249; Full Retail: $379) CAD

A powerful, reliable and secure OS for businesses of all sizes. Windows Vista Business is roughly analogous to XP Pro. This version is aimed at business decision makers and IT managers and generalists.

Windows Vista Ultimate (Upgrade: $299; Retail: $499) CAD

The best operating system ever offered for a personal PC, optimized for the individual. Windows Vista Ultimate is a superset of both Vista Home Premium and Vista Business. There is nothing like Vista Ultimate today. This version is aimed at high-end PC users and technology influencers, gamers, digital media enthusiasts, and students.


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