Backup Your Files

                     I recently went through the tedious process of making backups of the irreplaceable files on my computer in preparation of doing an Operating System format and reinstall, which I do about once every 3 months or so. Although, I make backups about once a month, sometimes more often then that if it occurs to me. I backup the irreplaceable files to DVDs, the most critical of which I also store on another computer by transferring the files over the local network. Ideally, I should be storing these backups off-site, so if the house ever burns down or something, those files won’t go with it. However, this isn’t an ideal world, so I do what I can.

                    With all the means of data storage available nowadays, there is simply no reason not to backup your irreplaceable files on a fairly regular basis.

You Can Use:

A) DVDs 


C) Secondary Hard Drive or External Hard Drive

D) Another Computer On Your Local Network

E) Data Storage Websites

                    One idea that I heard of involves two friends exchanging backup DVDs over coffee to store in their homes, in case something were to happen, their trusted friend would have the DVDs safely stored in their home.

                    There’s no need to backup every single file on your computer, that’s pointless. Just backup the user-created files that are irreplaceable. DVDs and CDs are quite cheap, so the only thing you’re sacrificing is your time. If you’re really serious about it, you can also buy another hard drive or an external hard drive to backup the data to. It really comes down to your own needs, and what you feel is sufficient.


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