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Triple-Boot is Working!

                          After reading this article on LifeHacker, I have successfully installed Windows XP, Vista, and Ubuntu Linux on one of my computers. Simply put, I installed Windows XP first on a 40GB partition. I then installed Vista on a 20GB partition. I then installed Ubuntu Linux on a 20GB partition, and created a 1GB Linux Swap partition. Now, all operating systems are working well and playing nice with one another. When the computer starts, Linux’s GRUB bootloader gives you the choice of loading Ubuntu or the Vista bootloader. If you choose the Vista bootloader, you can then choose to start up either Vista or XP.


Creating A Multi-Boot System

                        I’m in the process of attempting to run Windows XP, Vista, and Ubuntu Linux on one of my computers. I have to idea what I’ll do with it set up that way, other then tinkering around to see what I can do. I’m basically just doing it to see if I can.

                        One reason I’m doing this is to play around with Vista. I have heard strong arguments from both sides of the fence, those who hate it and thos who love it. I appreciate that knowledge, and I take it into consideration when trying something out for myself. The same thing goes with watching tv or movies.

                       I also want to become more familiar with Windows, and from what I’ve heard, mostly through Podcasts, is that Ubuntu is the best one to use when just getting started with Linux. I have never used Linux before, and I am hoping to at least get my feet wet.


24 Premiere

               It is truly awe-inspiring what the tv thriller "24" can pack into four hours! The episodes have aired as of this entry, and I’m not going to go into great detail, sites like and have already done that. I will say that season 6 is off to one hell of a start. It really hit the ground running! In the storyline, terrorists have set off attacks across the USA in major cities, and they continue to. Everything from malls to buses to hotels have been blown away. With few clues left behind, and almost no leads, the government is struggling to keep the country from falling apart. 

              One hour sticks out the most for me, hour 4, as it ends with a big bang, and a cliffhanger.  Jack is forced to kill one of his most trusted friends, Curtis, when Curtis tries to kill the terrorist that has decided to help them prevent further attacks and deliver justice to those responsible, in exchange for immunity and a presidential pardon. The catch is, this terrorist killed members of Curtis’s group back in Vietnam, for which Curtis cannot allow to be forgotten or pardoned, and decides to take measures into his own hands to deliver justice. As a result, Jack is forced to kill him, which causes Jack to snap emotionally, swearing, in tears, that he is done with his service to his country, that he can’t take it anymore. There in lies the cliffhanger.

              Moments after Jack begins his emotional breakdown, the suitcase-based nuclear device that hour 3 and 4 were pretty much dedicated to finding, at the end of Hour 4, the terrorists activate it just as government agents swarm around their compound.

What an extraordinary 4-Hour premiere! This show never fails to impress me!

Hour 5 10am-11am is next Monday 8/7c.

24 Returns Tonight!!! Top Freeware

                    The reputable and popular downloads website has released it’s newly overhauled list of must-have FREEWARE picks. Check it out .

Office XP (2003) Service Pack 3

        "Office XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) provides the latest updates to Microsoft Office XP. SP3 contains significant security enhancements, in addition to stability and performance improvements. This service pack applies to any level of Office XP. It contains all updates included in Office XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Office XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), and updates released after SP2."

Blizzard Warning

        A disturbance crossing southern British Columbia will track eastward into Alberta today and intensify. Bands of snow ahead of the system will become an organized snow area tonight and is forecast to extend from the Lloydminster area west into the grand Prairie/southern Peace regions. Widespread snowfall amounts of near 10 centimetres can be expected with local heavier amounts especially over east central Alberta. Increasing winds this evening will combine with the falling snow to generate blizzard conditions in exposed areas across most of central Alberta. Conditions will slowly improve from the northwest on Wednesday as the snow tapers off and the winds gradually diminish.

        In the wake of the disturbance on Thursday an Arctic ridge will build down over western Canada bringing clear skies and very cold temperatures. Brisk winds and temperatures near minus 30 will result in extreme wind chills over the High Level region.


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