Working at the Tiger

As previously mentioned, I started working full-time at Services Inc. last week. Although I’ve only been employed there for just over a week, the job has proven to have quite a bit of variety. One of my biggest pet peeves is repetition, although I put up with it when I have to. The basic duties around the shop are sweeping, mopping, and cleaning. Aside from that, washing semi trucks and trailers is also a regular part of the job, and the part of the job that makes time fly by. The only real downside to washing the trucks is when the water or mud splashes back in my face as a result of the high pressure. They do supply a clear plastic face mask for this, but it’s not easy to see through all of the mud and water sometimes, therefore, it is often easier to get dirty and clean up afterwards.

Other then working in the shop, we have been clearing out a decent sized warehouse near the shop, as they are in the process of moving things up to some new buildings north of Edmonton in . For now, the materials are being stored wherever they can find space, which includes a place east of called , thus resulting in two road trips so far. We’ve been taking down scaffolding (steel beams) and plywood, and removing tires and boxes as well. I am told the warehouse work will be completed tomorrow.

I was originally hired on for a 4 days of 10 hour shifts rotation, which I am told will return next week. However, I have been asked to work 5 days this week to help with the workload being generated right now. So for this week, I’ll be putting in a total of 50 hours, including overtime of course.

Honestly, this job is hard on the body sometimes, especially the sweeping, and sometimes the washing, but I figure it’s a good thing, as it’s forcing me to get into shape and feel better about myself. That said, being stiff and sore is no fun, but I’m putting up with it. I’m making sure to take breaks when necessary and to not overexert myself.


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